Is this board intended to be suitable for family audiences?

Discussion in 'The Help Desk' started by NEP4Life, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I'd like to get input from Ian, and other senior moderators, as to whether the football-related* parts of the board are intended for family audiences.

    For example, do Ian and the mods intend for the board to be suitable for a father to sit down with his children around 8-10 years of age, and read and discuss the posts?

    *I understand there are various off-topic forums, and these can be easily avoided because they are clearly indicated.
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    My suggestion would be that with a person of that age you look through the threads yourself first, and then make that decision.

    I would say that in comparison to most other football message boards that this one without a doubt is far more 'family friendly' than most, when you compare it to most other team fan forums, or the comments section of sites like,,, pro football talk, etc. Profanity is not allowed nor are suggestive avatars. However sometimes discussions between people on certain topics can get heated. It's a very fine line between letting people say what's on their mind and what some would consider to be censorship; suffice to say that there's no pleasing everybody as both sides have let me know on more than one occasion that we should moderate more or less, depending on their personal point of view.

    If you're still unsure then perhaps as an alternative you could start out by reading the various blogs on this site with him and discuss those opinions, rather than what is posted on the message board. There is usually at least one covering whatever happens to be the most discussed current topic(s) at any given time.

    Hope that helps.

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