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    I have been a long time football fan and although I cannot specifically pick out a team that is my favorite, I am rooting for the Pats to make history for the Super Bowl in Arizona.

    I live in Arizona so I am very familiar with everything that is going on for the Big Weekend so I would love to help answer any questions anyone might have about coming into Arizona for the Super Bowl. I have a pretty good idea of all the parties going on and some inside scoop so thought I would share.

    I'm a party girl so I know just about every restaurant, bar, nightclub and since I volunteer my time at the tourism offices, I know alot of cool ideas for what to do around the valley if anyone has any questions.

    Anyway just wanted to say hi and offer my help if needed...Plus I am really bored at work and I think Boston accents are hot so I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if you can turn me into a die hard Pats fan! :)
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    After the Super Bowl, where do you think fans will be partying? Mill Street? Downtown? Scottsdale?

    I'm thinking about the areas where fans will be out on the streets enjoying the victory (and where news cameras come out for their live feed). Where do you think that would likely to be going on? Doesn't seem like there are any good public areas in Glendale for the post-game revelry.
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    This is from azcentral:

    The Bud Bowl party at Scottsdale's Axis/Radius on Feb. 1-2 distributes at least half the estimated 5,000 tickets each night to the public for free via radio contests and various promotions. Entertainment will be "A-list."

    Know where these tickets are going to be given away? or if someone who gets in on Wednesday night will have a shot?
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    Also trying to find more info about this one:

    ESPN the Magazine will host a public party at the Scottsdale Civic Center on Feb. 2

    Is there admission? What are the hours? What will be going on at this one?

    I know I'm asking a lot of questions and I don't expect you to know all the answers but I do appreciate whatever you are able to tell me.

  5. daydrinker

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    No worries about the questions thats why I offered to help answer.

    After the Superbowl there are a couple places I would expect to see Live feeds happening. For those that go to the game I think Westgate which is the entertainment area next to the stadium will be packed with revelers. For those that come in to experience the festivites and the city but dont actually go to the game I think you will see a lot of the after parties in downtown scottsdale in old town or mill ave. but i dont see anything really happening in phoenix.

    The bud bowl tickets have already started going out during promos and I dont see them holding many till the weekend but I can ask some people tomorrow and get more info for you then.

    The ESPN at the waterfront is free and goes on during the day from 9am-9pm and they will be broadcasting live with celebrity guest appearances.

    For more info on where everything is located in relation to each other go to www.scottsdalecvb.com/football and there will be a link towards the bottom for the downtown map. (also there is a lot of good info in their SB guide)

    sending this from by blackberry so please excuse the short responses:)

    I will find out some more info for you tomorrow and reply back.
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    Thanks so much for the info. I'll probably have more questions for you later since you have a great grasp of what's going on.
  7. SoCal Bong

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    What do you think about this for Saturday night?

    Super Saturday Nightlife Shuttle - $30

    February 2nd, 2008

    4 parties for the price of one!

    LIMITED AVAILABILITY - Buy now or you will miss out!

    Two buses running with pick-ups/drop-offs every half hour.

    Library Bar & Grill - no line / no cover - $15 savings
    Cherry Lounge - no line / no cover - $20 savings
    Dos Gringos & Acme Party - $30 entry (pre-sale only) - $10 savings
    Giligin's - no line / no cover - $20 savings
    Mickey's Hangover - no line / no cover - $20 savings

    Cabs are booked and cops are in full effect. Be safe and save money... fun Guaranteed!
    Good places to party at? I'm guessing they wouldn't have cover charge anyway and you are really just paying for the shuttle. Are these places pretty close to each other?

    The other option on Saturday night (also for $30) is the Coors Light Block Party at Craftsman Court.

    Which would you pick between those two options or are there other parties going on Saturday night worth checking out?
  8. daydrinker

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    So I am in the process of finding out more information on the Bud Bowl.

    What I have so far is I do know they are giving away tickets through radio promos from some of the Valley radio stations (theedge1039.com and 98kupd.com). I know both can be streamed live online so if you are sitting bored it might not hurt to listen and try to call in.

    Also I know they have put away some tickets for celebrities as well as their top clients. Right now ticket broker websites are showing they have tickets but for a hefty price tag.

    In order to help you more with letting you know other options, you need to let me know what you are looking for (i.e. casual pick up a beer and party or put on your best club wear check out celebs and sip on a martini or looking for an in between money is no option whatever you do or want to have fun but not at the expense of $10 bucks a drink and $500 cover).

    Once you give me some what of an idea I can help you much more!

    As for the Bar Frog Bus I think that sounds like a good and affordable deal if you are looking to try to experience several parties in one night. I think the best deal and the most fun you will have with that is once you get to Scottsdale (Dos/Acme Gilligans and Mickey's). The library is fun cause sexy school girls dance on the bars and Cherry (both on Mill Ave.) is a sexy nightclub but I think all the action and parties are all going to be in downtown Scottsdale.

    If you noticed on the bar crawl, one stop is the Coors Light Block Party so I am sure if you wanted to stay and not hop back on the bus you could. I will be at the Coors Light Party since I am not about to spend a paycheck seeing the side profile of a celebrity and have already seen Kid Rock and Snoop peform in concert.

    Anyway let me know what you are looking for and I can help you out a little better!
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    Thanks again. What do you think of this plan?

    6pm - Check out the Tempe Town Lake Block Party. This is where the Counting Crows will play a free concert and there will be some other stuff going on including a fireworks show at 9:40

    Somewhere between 8pm and the end of that block party, walk over to the Cherry Pit or Library (its close by right?). Have a few drinks there then catch the Frog Bus down to Scottsdale and check out Giligin's, Mickey's and the Scottsdale Block Party (are the Bud Bowl and Coors Light Block Party two different deals?)

    At the end of the night we catch the bus back toward our hotel in Tempe.

    So we would buy both the Bus Pass for $30 and a Scottsdale Block Party ticket for another $30 unless we can get a free Bud Bowl ticket.

    Too crowded to make it to that many places? or good idea as we have more options as to where we can hang out?

    I'm certainly not looking for the celebrity crowd or anything upper end. I'd actually just like to meet and talk with other Pats fans in a fun but not overly crowded spot. I'm figuring it'll be fine for all these places (except maybe Cherry) to show up wearing a jersey but I'm also fine with wearing nicer club attire to be safe and not be denied entry from somewhere.
  10. daydrinker

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    Sounds a bit ambitious but could work. My biggest concern is traffic going from Tempe to Scottsdale at the same time everyone is going to be heading out to party, but if worse comes to worse it's only a ten minute drive so how long could that possibly be in traffic?

    Cherry and the Library are walking distance from the lake. I would confirm with the Bus crawl that you would be able to get on at any stop..they might make you start at the beginning and continue and not let you get on after the second stop.

    Also you might want to note that if you are looking to hang out with Pats fans, Friday Comcast sports from boston is having their party during the day for Pats fans at Dos Gringos and WEEI is having their Pat fan party during the day on Saturday, both on the same street as the Coors Light Block Party. Although both events end before the block party starts both days, I would assume fans would stay and get tickets to party at the block party after so you would see a lot of fellow Pats there.

    The Bud Bowl and Coors are two different deals but very close to eachother. Within a one mile radius of downtown Scottsdale there are parties everywhere. To get a visual check out http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/events/sb2008.asp
    then download the superbowl map.

    I am sure the clubs are expecting that people are going to be in jerseys and I have a friend that works at cherry so I can check for you.
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    daydrinker - you are my MVP! Thank you very much and I'll definitely buy you some drinks if we run into each other.

    Do you have any more info on this Comcast party? Hours, prices, what's going on, etc.

    I know you provided the hours and location for the ESPN Magazine party but is there a weblink to that anywhere? I'm sure its more than people just standing around watching them broadcast but with so much going on I'll have to prioritize.

    Thanks again!
  12. daydrinker

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    No worries just glad I can help.

    Here is the link for the Comcast party. I am still waiting for a phone call with more details on it so when I get them I will definitely get those over to you. I have heard a tentative price of $50 at the door and it is from 11am-5pm.


    The ESPN Broadcast and the ESPN Magazine Party are different. The ESPN Magazine party is a private party where as the ESPN broadcast is open to the public.

    I don't see any links for the parties except for info on the time and location as well as www.espn.com. If anything comes my way though I will definitely send it. From what I have heard, they are going to do live broadcasts of all their typical shows and it will be people standing around watching. I am sure as it gets closer they will publicize their exact schedule for what shows, what times and who will be there.
  13. SuperGate

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    Just wanted to give you all another option...

    Super 'Gate 08 has tailgating spaces available! You can stay and party on site for 4 days, throw your own tailgate party, and use the shuttles to get to the stadium or Scottsdale parties.

    This is a party by the fans, for the fans. And it's cheap, especially if you have a big group. Would love to have any/all join us.

    Email if you have any questions!

  14. I have hotel accommodations at Westin Kierland resort that I want to rent out. Any idea where to post it?
  15. daydrinker

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    Wow you should definitely be able to rent those fast.

    From people I have talked to that are renting out their places or looking to rent, most are posting or looking on craigslist.org. Also I would definitely post them in this blog and I would also try to post them in azsuperbowlblog.com so you can reach some people coming from out of town that may have not got hotel rooms yet.

    I will keep my ears open since I just had to find four hotel rooms for some corporate clients last week and would have definitely rather put them up at Westin Keirland and let you know if I hear of anyone interested.

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