Giants winning drive last night = Pats winning drive vs the Ravens

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by makewayhomer, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Well, not exactly, but it's similar for one reason.

    Versus the Ravens, we got the breaks. Versus the Giants, the Giants got them all.

    some of the Ravens stuff was pure luck, like Ryan calling the TO. some of it was stuff that doesn't always happen, like the Refs having the good sense to call the PI on Watson, and Gaffney making a great catch (and the Refs actually calling is a TD on the field, which was critical).

    last night, you saw Eli get really lucky when he chucked up a jump ball and his WR made a great play. You also say Asante not make a catch he can sometimes make. You also saw the Pats fail to make a sack when they normally do (the Eli bomb play).

    sometimes those plays go your way. sometimes they don't. no explanation is really needed, that's just the nature of sports.

    and that's why it's so hard to go 19-0 :(
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