FedEx Air and Motorola Coach of the Week

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    Vote for Tommy (versus two guys heading for the golf course - Palmer and Redman).

    Vote for Bill over two guys whose teams beat opponents who laid down (Fisher and Gibbs).

    Here is the coaching voter page. The Air vote is linked on the home page.

    BTW - Larry Izzo is a finalist for the NFLN Superbowl commercial about the men under the helmets.

    His story is cute - he was an UDFA trying to make the dolphins under Jimmy Johnson (so that's how we ended up with him...). He was "balling" in the preseason to make the team, and had a couple of big tackles. In the film room Johnson went over the game film and announced that one player had made the team - Marino - and he needed 52 more. Then he reviewed tape some more and called out Izzo and said call your folks and tell 'em you made the team. Now I just need 51 more guys.

    They want fans to vote from among the finalists. Good luck trying to find a voting link that lets you vote. All I get is video of Matt Hasselback's commercial. That site has been a pain in the ass since the redid it.
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    The Hasselbeck video is pretty funny.

    From here you enter and vote.
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