Fearless Super Bowl Prediction: Troy Brown will catch a TD Pass in this game

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    I think there is no doubt that IMO there is going to be a TD pass made to Troy Brown in his extremely likely final game as an NFL player.

    I think it would be shocking not to see Troy make a play that is recognizable in his last game as a patriot

    And you can bet BB will have a good executed plan to get him in this game and make an impact if not for just one special moment while his career heads out to sea.

    I just think there is no way BB lets his beloved long time and devoted Patriots WR just be an afterthought sitting on the sidelines or just throwing him out there on STs,He will make it a special moment sometime during the game,somehow,someway - Bet on it.....
  2. rayyu882

    rayyu882 On the Roster

    I would love to see Troy catch a TD, but I don't think it's a must for Belichick to do that. I love to see Troy go out in a high note... same for Tedi!


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    I would not bet on Tedy retiring just yet......Yet that is
  4. alamo

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    With the Pats as healthy as they are, who do you leave inactive? That's the problem.


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    Thats a good question...Maybe Chad Jackson?
  6. spacecrime

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    Troy Brown will be inactive. Sentiment has no place in the superbowl. We want the 45 best players on the field. We will have Moss, Stallworth, Gaffney, Welker and Washington active, just like against the CHargers.
  7. pwes

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    He will not. As much as I'd like him to being my second favorite player on the team I don't think he will.
  8. aluminum seats

    aluminum seats In the Starting Line-Up

    Well, I think the first question is whether he's active.

    Beyond that, he'll only see the field, I'd think, in a blowout.

    I was, btw, a little surprised he didn't get a catch against Miami.
  9. Patriot Power

    Patriot Power On the Game Day Roster

    No thanks.

    Dress the 45 that give you the best chance of winning... no sentimental crap, please.
  10. Kdo5

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    There is a 10% chance Troy actually makes it out onto the field as a receiver. And there is a 1% chance that he catches a TD.
  11. sieglo

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    Funny, I'd say the chance is zero in both cases.

    Chad Jackson has a greater chance of catching a TD pass in this game than Troy Brown.

    Randall Gay has a greater chance of catching a TD pass than both of the above.
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  12. PatsFanSince74

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    i'd be as happy as anyone if he catches a pass or has an impact on the game, but i don't think bb is going to build a plan around anyone or anything but beating the giants.
  13. oldskool138

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    Inactives for the Super Bowl:

    Matt Guiterrez
    Troy Brown
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