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    This board has gotten crazy with the "sky is falling" crowd. Yes there are area's in which we can improve, but let's think of it this way:

    -We are in first place and are likely to win the division

    -We have a bye week

    -We are facing the bears this year, which will probably be the NFC rep in the superbowl--if they are then we have a first hand look at our opponent (if we make it) which is a lot like the Rams in 01

    -We still have plenty of time to get better

    -Finally the Pats have that "bend but don't break" defensive attitude, and the "make the plays when it counts" offensive attititude that has been present during our championship years.

    Let's just all step back and realize that we are in a great position, and we will only get better as the year goes on! Of course, this is all just my $.02:D
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    In my opinion, this board has gotten crazy because nobody wants to be objective. There is middle ground between 'we are the best team in football' and 'the sky is falling'. Unfortunately, nobody seems to tread that middle ground anymore. What happened to discussing issues? Is our team so perfect that we can't discuss weaknesses, or are we so weak that we have no hope on any given Sunday?

    Why don't people try to be objective and talk about strengths as well as weaknesses without going bezerk.

    And then the final insult seems to be 'You must be a Red Sox fan.'

    The fact is that the team has two or three weak spots which will need to be ironed out a little, and it should be okay to talk about such things objectively without proclaiming that we are the best team in football, or that the sky is falling.
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    Excellent post.
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    Good post.

    I try my best to inhabit that middle ground. I'm not sure how successful I am, but I try to remain objective.
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    There really isn't a huge "sky is falling" crowd, nor is there a huge blind homer crowd, it's just that everybody likes to call anyone who disagrees with them slightly either a "sky is falling" type or "homer" type to suit their argument.

    I think basically the vast majority of everyone here agrees that the Pats are good, but have room for improvement, which is essentially what Belichick or Brady would say about the team right now. People simply have different ways of expressing that, and some people are OK with just putting up Ws the way the Pats often do (as in, sometimes unpretty) and some people always see room for improvement. People need to relax and realize not everyone is the same friggin person with the same outlook on everything, and if they were, this board would be boring and suck a**.
  7. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    I think we all try to be objective in our own minds, but this message board seems to be angry almost like a political forum lately, where we all end up being democrats and republicans with no independents.

    It is a concern, because the quality of this site is suffering. Mo had a post about this phenomenom on a different thread which I feel would have been MUCH better served to be on this thread.

    What happened to just talking issues?
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