ESPN: History shows odds are against 0-4 Patriots

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. SVN

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  2. Scouse Patriot

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    Re: ESPN:History shows odds are against 0-4 Patriots

    He's a former Bills and 'Phins writer. No wonder he comes across as a bit bitter.
  3. Wendel

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    Re: ESPN:History shows odds are against 0-4 Patriots

    First team to go 16-0, first team to "overcome" this.
  4. Rob0729

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    Re: ESPN:History shows odds are against 0-4 Patriots

    How many trends do the Pats have to bust before people ignore them? If you listen to the experts and statisticians, many of the thing the Pats accomplished during the Belichick area were impossible based on historical data.

    Did they study the trend of all the teams that went O-fer that rested their franchise Qb the entire preseason?
  5. PatsFan24

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  6. thenepatsrule

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    espn is full of bull................ what do they have to say about the LIONS this year 4-0 in the preseason..............pats had so many of their starters missing for almost whole of the preseason, so why does the bunch of players who never played in the preseason but will play in all of regular/post-season/superbowl get rated based on what the others did in the preseason.......
    Brady said it best ESPN IS LIKE MTV ...............
  7. JoeSixPat

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    What an amazing "numbers cruncher" Tim Graham is.

    I'm amazed he stopped there with his in depth analysis.

    Had he looked further he'd have discovered the Patriots, just by being in existence, have the deck stacked against them.

    If my math is right, the Patriots fail to win the Super Bowl 93% of the time in years ending in numbers.

    Its true - you can go to and confirm it if you don't believe me.


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    Last 0-4 preseason team to win the Super Bowl was the Washington Redskins in 1982

    Take that for what its worth - Its been a LONG time since it happened
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  9. Deus Irae

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    How long had it been between 16-0 regular seasons?
  10. bradmahn

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    So more often than not, the teams that go 0-fer in the preseason finish 8-8 or better? That's great, it shows that if the Patriots' second string quarterback and half the offensive starters had to play the whole sixteen game schedule, they'd have better odds that they finish .500 or better (based on historical precedent).

    Yes, doomed, I say. Doomed.
  11. stinkypete

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    OMG! We're screwed then. I don't know about all of you, but I'm jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon. They only fail to win the Super Bowl in 88% of years ending in numbers.
  12. Pat the Pats Fan

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    :rofl::yeahthat: 10 characters
  13. fair catch fryar

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    History also shows that ESPN is slowly "de-evolving" into a spastic, tabloid, trash-reporting mass media machine only interested in gaining viewer's attention with sensationalized reporting of non-events unrelated to , of all things; SPORTS; thus forgetting what helped them become so popular in the first place...............A SPORTS network that reports SPORTS scores and highlights.:rolleyes:
  14. F89C06

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    You know....
    The Colts actually mimic us in bad preseasons. However, look at how they have started the last 4 years. The year the Colts won the superbowl they had a terrible preseason just like the Pats. It just goes to show that if you are a great team the preseason does not matter.
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