DT's seem almost set, DE's not so much.

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  1. mgteich

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    I think that we are all set with Wilfork, Love, Kelly and Armstead, with Deaderick as a 5th if we carry 5.

    We have Ninkovich and Jones. After them, the deluge: Cunningham, Francis, Bequette, Buchanan. I must say that, to me, Cunningham seems a lock, given the competition. For those who think that Abraham wouldn't help much, consider that he would replace one of these players (likely Francis or Bequette), with Buchanan on the Practice Squad.
  2. ay-yo

    ay-yo Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I agree with every thing you wrote. I'd also add:

    - Hightower and Collins could each see some snaps at DE.
    - Armstead could take snaps at LDE in a 4-3, especially on run downs or aginst run heavy teams. This would increase the chances of a 5th DT (Deaderick) making the roster.

    Group seems a bit stronger than last years due to Armstead but he is an unknown. If we can add Abraham the DL will be certainly be better than last years group.
  3. patriot lifer

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    I'm hopeful with Francis. He earned some playing time later in the year ahead of Scott and even when Cunningham and Jones returned. Being an undrafted rookie free agent, he likely had a long way to go before being more "NFL ready", meaning how much muscle mass he had on his frame.

    A guy like Mayo or any other top 10 pick usually has the muscle mass on them that they need for the NFL. I recall Mayo saying that he added a mere 5 pounds to his frame in preparation for his second season, which he could have added easily before his first season. Francis likely came in as more of a raw product, being undrafted. We'll see, but I'm hopeful that he can make a year two jump. I'm probably more curious of his second year improvements than most on this board. If Rutgers players are the hard workers that we're being told they are, then he may show some physical improvement.

    The DE position would be essentially the same as last year minus Trevor Scott (Bequette was invisible). So not a huge difference. And we'll see what the draft pick can do. At that point, the rookie is the fifth DE--someone who'll make the team via ST play.

    And hopefully Chandler can elevate his play in year 2, and whenever Nink is out on the field, good things seem to happen.
  4. Armchair Quarterback

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    Cunningham is not a lock.
  5. Mack Herron

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    Agree. In fact, he has had more opportunities (with minimal production) and therefore less potential than any of the others. I like Buchanan and Abraham.
  6. tonyto3690

    tonyto3690 Banned

    Buchanan is a lock.
    Bequette gets cut
    Francis and Cunningham battle it out for a spot.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Deaderick cut. Was surprised he wasn't last year.
  7. Elijah

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    How is Buchanan a lock? Also, Deaderick started the 6 of the last 7 games over Love. I wouldn't say he's very likely to be cut.
  8. AƟƟynormal

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    We seem to have enough money to pursue Richard Seymour (#93 is still available). Even without a Mankins and/or Wilfork contract do-hickey to add more money. And, nonsense, he'd play for pay (with us).

    I'm on a mission to get #93 back ........ unless you guys jump all over me :eek:. Then I'll cower and say okay, we'll keep Deaderick.
  9. Sciz

    Sciz PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    I'm with you. Doesn't make any sense to me.

    That tells me he's not playing.
  10. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    Seymour wouldn't touch the Patriots with a ten foot pole. They waited
    until his kids were established in school for the fall session before trading him.
  11. PatsChamp88

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    This doesn't anyone remember?
  12. betterthanthealternative

    betterthanthealternative In the Starting Line-Up

    You've been starting some good threads lately. This one made me realize I was thinking too generally about the DL. Left defensive end may be the weak spot on the D this year, if there are no injuries to starters (not likely but that's where we have to start). Which is a great thing, given the potential for someone to emerge through the competition.

    And, as someone said above, one of the DT's will slide over on some short yardage situations.

  13. NEPettyOfficer72

    NEPettyOfficer72 On the Game Day Roster

    You've got to be kidding me with this threat right? lol.. Come on man, lol If Chandler Jones did not get hurt last year, he would have had at least 11 sacks and been awarded DROY. Not only that, before the injury, even when he wasn't getting the sacks he still created great pressure and attention. And it seems like every sack he made, resulted in a strip or fumble. The guy is a beast, waiting to break out this season.. so if that happens, how more set can we be? lol.. Depending if we move Rob Ninkovich to OLB or not, we have a what, at least 8 sack man that has a knack for the big play. Not to mention, the flashes of brilliance and potential that Justin Francis showed. And lets not forget, that rookie Buchanon shows a lot of promise. Jermaine Cunningham is no push over either, I just don't think he fits the mold of a 4-3 DE, he is more of a 3-4 DE or standup backer. And who is to say that Don'ta Hightower and Jamie Collins won't get snaps at DE either? We have loads of talent at the position, anything extra would be a luxury.
  14. mgteich

    mgteich PatsFans.com Veteran PatsFans.com Supporter

    I agree that DT's can help in some short yardage situations, a reason for keeping Deaderick.

    A couple of our posters told us all off-season that our weakness were DT and DE. DT was addressed with the acquisition of Kelly and Armstead.

    I guess that we are OK if Ninkovich and Jones are playing at their full potential all year. However, life in the NFL being what it is, we really need depth at DE. Cunningham has been on OK starter for us at times last year.

    I'm not sure any of these would make the roster some of better defensive teams. The addition of Abraham would be HUGE!

    Cunningham, Bequette, Francis, Buchanan

  15. patsfan-1982

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    Chandler Jones and Ninkovich are the starters if they both play the full 16 and playoffs they will be ok I think Hightower could start a few games at DE after that its pretty much all JAG's

    im not looking for much out of Bequette maybe a few snaps as a backup, Cunningham is good dept. Collins is pretty much a big safety, the pats may add a vet DE after the cuts I don't think it will be a big same like Abraham
  16. PYPER

    PYPER Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    It'll be interesting to see how everything comes together. We've always been a hybrid defense but will we emphasize the 4-3 or 3-4 more often this year? I see Collins as more of a LB so could there be some thought in playing more 3-4? Then again, I'm not really expecting much from him in his first year. He may need a year of redshirting before he pushes for PT.

    I'd be shocked if Love, and Deaderick don't make the roster. Kelly and Armstead are the guys who need to play their way on the roster. If the plan is to play more 3-4, I think all five make the roster with three of them starting on the DL and the other two rotating in.

    The mystery is at DE. I'd be surprised to see Cunningham go. Buchanan has PS written all over him unless he really turns some heads. Bequette is an unknown....Is he ready to contribute? If not, I think the offer to Abraham gets sweetened a bit.
  17. Schmo

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    IMO Ninkovich is the 2nd most important player on the D to Wilfork (although Mayo and McCourty are very close). He is exactly what we need at a 4-3 LDE... not as flashy as others, but he makes possible the hybrid 3-4/4-3. He is above-average at pass rushing/containing/coverage, which trumps any player who is only great at getting to the QB (hence why Freeney and Abraham aren't signed.
    He is very good at what we are hoping Collins will be great at.
  18. patfanken

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    Good to know what's NOT going to happen. Thanks.
  19. DocHoliday

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    You think he's more important than Jones Mayo and DMc? Wow
  20. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Yeah...not even close.

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