Draft value is impossible to predict

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    I think most everyone is happy with where we took our players on Day 1, even if they don't like the picks.

    Once Day 2 came arond, there was a lot of grumbling about how we took someone too high, "he could have been had in the 7th round."

    How do we know? Every team has a different draft board. I forgot where I read it since I've seen so much draft info on so many sites in the last two days but it was reported that one team had Cutler as their #1 QB, with Leinhart getting a 2nd round grade and Vince Young getting a 3rd round grade! The Eagles said they would have taken Justice at #14 if Bunkley wasn't available. They got him 25 picks later.

    As fans I think we need to stop pretending these draft websites are gospel and anything teams do differently is a wrong decision.

    Back in 2003 we traded up in the 2nd round to take Bethel Johnson. Obviously it hasn't worked out very well, though he has made a few critical plays in critical games for us. At the time, many people were livid because we took him way too high and we could have had in three or four rounds later. Sometime around midseason, Len. P wrote in one of his Tip Sheets that the Skins were going to take Bethel a few picks later, according to some team officials. So much for three or four rounds later.

    All I care about is getting players that help the team. If Mills comes in and imroves our offense, I'm happy. I don't care if we MAY have gotten him in a later round. Same with Gostkowski, if he makes the loss of Vinatieri a smooth transition, I don't give a crap that we MAY have gotten him in the 7th.

    The truth is that we just don't know. No one that criticizes where we took someone can provide absolute proof that he would have been available later. Let's just be happy with WHO we got and not worry about WHERE we got them.

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