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Dr Z's take

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 22, 2007.

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    OTOH we were trying to let our D get some rest, catch their breath so to speak, if we went to a hurry up and went three and out may have given our guys little time to recover. The Indy D was all fired up and well rested, if we had kept them on the field for more than 3 minutes may have been more appropriate then.The no huddle is great sometimes, but I question its use here.
  3. lobster

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    My assessment is McDaniel's likely panicked in the 2nd half. He saw the Pat's lead sinking and the Colts coming on and panicked. He called only 5 running plays in the entire 2nd half by my count - listed below, and Dillon got exactly 1 run! What ever happened to pound it at them when you are ahead, and give the D a break?

    It's true that the blocking for the run was not too great in the 2nd half - and the OL deserves a lot of the blame for that - however without a running game no team is going to make the Super Bowl.

    McDaniel's 5 running plays in the 2nd half:
    1. K.Faulk up the middle to NE 26 for 8 yards.
    2. L.Maroney left tackle to IND 22 for -1 yards.
    3. C.Dillon left end to IND 6 for -1 yards.
    4. L.Maroney up the middle to NE 29 for -2 yards.
    5. H.Evans right tackle to IND 25 for 4 yards.

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