Dolphins to release McMichael

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by The Gr8est, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Thats exactly right and they also released Joey Harrington as well.

    Dolphins released TE Randy McMichael.

    While his stats look solid, McMike has struggled with drops the last few years and isn't known as a great blocker. He's only 27 and should still generate considerable interest in a free agent market highlighted by Daniel Graham and Jerramy Stevens. Joey Harrington, also cut Monday, could struggle to find anything more than a contract paying him to compete to be a backup.
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    I live in Florida and i have watched a few Dolphins games over the year (not my choice belive me )McMichael while i admit is an average blocker he is more than a adequate reciever i hardly belive he would be a backup , i wouldn't mind seeing him in Pats uniform to, maybe him and Harrison could co-exsist ?:)
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    I don't know...I can't imagine how they could both wear a Rodney Harrison #37 jersey for games...that is, after all, McMichael's official jersey for Patriots games...
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    I remember those verbal battles between those to, i think it was 2003 where Mcmichael talked alot of trash after a huge game he had against the Pats but then Harrison contributed to keeping him without a catch in the rematch that year, i think that was the snow game. Rodney is amazing cna't wait to see him back to full speed again seems like he has had some badluck with the injuries of late.
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    Oh another Dolphins release McMichael thread

    Why the heck not? If everyone else can start one so can I.

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