Daunte Culpepper's true colors

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    Daunte Culpepper showed his true colors in the crunch. The highly vaunted Quarterback coughed up two interceptions when the game was on the line, leading to his team's loss.

    When questioned after the game Culpepper squarely placed the blame on his coach Saban for "throwing the flag like a girl."

    When Saban was questioned about his throwing technique he replied that he "never did get into that Little League thing."

    Miami fans were in a panic as their highly hyped team fell apart under the national spotlight. Said one Miami resident "They're just flat out terrible. I've already prepared my paper bag."

    Joey Porter on his imitation of the Culpepper roll. "You know I was just sending a message. Not in our house. I don't care if he made the cover of Madden once, he wasn't even better than Charlie Batch tonight."

    There have also been reports of several prominent media pundits eating lots of crow after predicting that the Dolphins would win the AFC East division outright this year.

    It tooks like the Fish faithful are in for a very long season indeed.

    Closing comment by coach Saban at the Dolphins post game press conference. "Is Jay Fielder still available?"

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