Danger in franchising branch?

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  1. mcbee

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    If the Pats "tag and trade" and are unable to trade branch, what happens? Are they stuck paying him the franchise money? Can they revoke it and say he's a FA?
  2. bigjunk1

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    Don't know if this has been posted or if it deserves it's own thread. Pretty scary though:

    Deion Branch, WR NE

    News: According to an unconfirmed source, CBS SportsLine.com has learned that WR Deion Branch, holding out of Patriots camp, is planning a return to the team within a week. The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity but does have knowledge of the situation, says Branch wants to "pull a T.O." and do whatever it takes to force the team to trade him, release him or not franchise tag him. Branch is in the final year of his contract, which pays him a little over $1 million -- a bargain considering the salaries of players around the league with a profile as high as Branch. The Patriots recently gave Branch time to seek a trade with another club, but as of now no trade is expected to happen.

    Analysis: Based on what we've seen this preseason, the Patriots need Branch more than Branch needs the Patriots. He's a fantastic receiver capable of 900-to-1,000-yard seasons and can break short catches into long runs. As of now, Branch is slipping in drafts into middle-round territory, and that's a bargain considering that he'll play for a chunk of the regular season, if not all 16 games, most likely for the Patriots. Consider him a fair No. 2 Fantasy WR worth a pick between Rounds 6 and 8. He should be drafted once most of the top-25 wideouts are snagged.

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    What is this guy talking about? We just won 41-0 and 30-3 before that and our offense has looked amazing.
  4. Pats726

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    See Branch = TO thread...posted on fantasy football??? HARDLY a source to be thought of as credible...

    That is the thread..given it WAS on page 2..u may have missed it TRY search Branch.. or?? to avoid duplicate posts.
  5. mcbee

    mcbee Banned

    My question is a good one, I think. Simple but good. I guess no one knows?

    I think it would affect the pats' decision, as they probably don't want, under any circumstances, to be stuck paying 8M to a disgruntled, cancer.
  6. hwc

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    The franchise tag for WR this year is $6.17 million. But, let's say that it does go up to $8 million (doubtful). Paying a player $8 million with no bonus and no injury risk is no worse than a 5 year deal averaging $6 million in which the team carries the injury risk because they've shelled out a huge signing bonus.

    Pay him $8 million and if his leg falls off ("day-to-day"), the Pats walk away scott free at the end of the year and the little weasel is left sucking wind.

    Signing bonuses are all about shifting the injury risk from the player to the team. No bonus: the player assumes ALL of the injury risk. That's a big reason players hate the franchise tag. They could have probably gotten rid of it in the new CBA if they hadn't been so greedy squeezing the last percentage point out of the owners.
  7. mcbee

    mcbee Banned

    That's nice, and I know all that.

    But they may STILL not want to have him on the team at all next year, if he's a disgruntled cancer. You can't MAKE a guy play well, even if he is getting 7M or 8M or whatever.

    So my question still stands. If they franchise him, can they cut him, make him a FA and get a compensatory pick? Or are they stuck paying him (which I know is very reasonable, etc. etc. etc.).
  8. JoeSixPat

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    I believe if they franchise him and tender him that offer, and he signs it, they are responsible for the full $7 million or so for that season.

    If he holds off signing it in the hopes of working a long term deal, there are certain dates before and after which he can sign the deal that would allow the Patriots to retain use of the Franchise tag.

    $7 million for one season is a bargain, as has been noted - no long term risk for the team in terms of injury and its what they are currently offering per year for a long term deal - so even if they don't work a trade - and they might not want to - its a good deal. The only leverage Branch would have again is to hold out again, with the threat of not showing up until Game 10 just like this year.

    But again, a 20% bump in salary to franchise Branch AGAIN the next year still wouldn't be outrageous, as at $7 million that would be an additional $1.4 million - bringing him to a salary of $8.4 million - still not off the charts with a salary cap going up another $10 million.

    So really, I don't see a downside to it aside from the fact that Branch could continue a childish holdout for yet another pre-season.
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  9. hwc

    hwc In the Starting Line-Up

    Guys, can we just put this "hold out until Game 10" nonsense to rest?

    In the history of the NFL, I don't think more than a handful of players have ever been stupid enough to do that. Don't forget, they ain't gettin' paid.

    NFL players have a finite shelf-life. Just because they hold out for 10 games doesn't mean they can tack another year on the end of their playing days.

    In the little weasel's case, that's at least one million dollars that he will NEVER earn. I suspect that the little weasel is a pretty dumb guy, but he's not THAT dumb. This year. Or next year.

    It's like the time I was at a dinner and the waiter came around offering to pour wine the host had ordered to the jackass sitting next to me.

    Waiter: "Would you like wine, sir?"

    Jackass: "What are my choices?"

    Waiter: "To have it or not..."
  10. brady2brown

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    You know, a year ago I would have said that the franchise price for Branch was outrageous. Now I know that the Pats have offered him $6 million a year, I guess $7 million isn't much different.

    If Branch were franchised next year, could he still hold out (in 2007) until week ten? I know as long as he doesn't sign the franchise agreement he can hold out without being fined.
  11. hwc

    hwc In the Starting Line-Up

    That's why I'm so disgusted with the little weasel. The Pats made him a solid offer. This year's franchise tag money on a long-term extension -- for a player that is, at best, a mid-pack #1 wide receiver.

    Now, maybe the Pats offer wasn't the end-all-and-be-all, but it certainly seems like a legitimate starting point, showing all possible "respect" for a player who really hasn't posted all-pro numbers.

    IMO, he's nothing but a little weasel for pulling this stupid hold-out stunt.
  12. mcbee

    mcbee Banned

    6M or 7M or even 1M isn't a bargain if the player is a total disruption, malcontent and subtracts from the team by being there. Suppose TO got 1M on the Eagles last year....would that have been a bargain? How about if the eagles had no injury risk??

    If he doesn't want to be here, I don't think they want a prisoner who hates every minute of his stay and does the least bit possible to avoid being fined.
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    Cute maiden voyage here, BigJunk1.

    You drop by again n see us, hear?

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