Cowher to Cleveland in a year?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by carolinatony, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. carolinatony

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    I have read on more than one board that he may take a year off and than go to the Browns assuming Romeo gets fired. I didn't know he played there.
  2. Remix 6

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    he doesnt wanna coach anymore dont u get it? hes not getting fired .. hes retiring. he would stay with steelers if he wanted to coach anymore.

    Cowher is a Steeler or hes staying home

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    HC of the panthers in a year or two.
    I can see that:D
  4. unoriginal

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    Cowher to Mars?

    I've been hanging around NASA engineers and I've heard more than one of them say Cowher might be taking time off from the NFL to lead a team of astronauts to Mars. Thoughts?
  5. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: Cowher to Mars?

    Sounds cool.
    Here's some great advice for Cowher...

    discusses the trade-off between due haste and ideal trajectories. If we use chemical rockets it's actually cheaper in propellant to get to Mars in 108 days than a minimum energy Hohmann of 257 days. The extra supplies and mass-protection against solar storms (plus the extra fuel they need to be pushed into a transfer orbit) make a minimum energy orbit less economical than a 'sprint' - so long as we aerobrake at the other end.

    Most Mars planning assumes 2-year free return orbits taking ~ 150 days (130 to 180 days, depending on Mars' position on its orbit) - no one could seriously advocate manned missions crawling along a 9 month Hohmann transfer. Only under-powered ion-drive advocates ask for longer trip times - like Stuhlinger's slow-crawl ion-drive fleet for Disney's Mars and Beyond" - which could well be superseded if fusion power gets a leg-up. Robert Bussard, of interstellar ramjet fame, believes his Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation (EMC2) has built a working, light-weight fusion reactor - the first models will supply 100 MW with a mass of just 25 tons (4 kWe/kg.) A souped-up VASIMR powered by a Bussard fusor can cross to Mars in just 39 days.

    Alternatively a bank of fusors could power a 300 MW mag-beam and push cargo shuttles to Mars in just 35 days.
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    Re: Cowher to Mars?

    I hope he learns from his qb and puts on a helmut:p
  7. dhamz

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    Because if history teaches us nothing, it teaches us that retired coaches never come back.

    It won't be Cleveland because that roster is a disaster.
  8. jmt57

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    I heard it was because he wanted money comparable to what Mike Holmgren gets, after Pittsburgh beat Holmgren's Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. Apparently the Rooney's came back with the loyalty line, talking about how they stuck with him even after all those playoff losses.

    My guess is that Huizenga goes after him full throttle to become Dolphins coach. The Browns are going to give Crenel another year or two.

    When a coach or player says it's not about the money, it is about the money.
  9. broadwayjoe

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  10. spacecrime

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    You are wrong. This issue is money. He is being paid peanuts. If Rooney offered to pay him half of what other highly paid HCs are getting, he would stay.
  11. qbert

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    $4M a year is not tops, but it is not peanuts- that is what Cowher makes.
    That is exactly half of what the highest paid coach (Walrus) gets.

    The Rooneys offered Cowher $6M before the season started but no extension was reached. Cowher also wanted the freedom to shuttle back and forth between Pitt and the NC home he bought for his family - the Rooneys didn't want that and after this season's performance, no way they would accept a part time coaching effort.

    The rumor is that Cowher is having marital problems -- a more plausible reason why his wife and youngest daughter would just pick up and move to NC after all those years in Pitt (esp when the daughter is close to graduating HS). Cowher is trying to save his marriage by "retiring" for a year or two.
  12. spacecrime

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    Mind posting a list of HC salaries? I'm very interested in the raw data. Thanks.
  13. PatsWickedPissah

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    if that's why, I think better of him and wish him well.
  14. Clonamery

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    IF that is the real reason behind it he sure has played around with coming back or not coming back next year. Doesn't fit my picture of someone making a grand gesture to save one's marriage.......there was just too much suggestion and innuendo all season. A person truly faced with that kind of dilemma (who was going to make a concerted effort - for real) would leave no doubt for their partner to interpret.
  15. Patriotic

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    Re: Cowher to Mars?

    What will he name his team? The Astros? The Rockets? The Reds?

    If he quits before takeoff . . . The Dolphins?
  16. nescott

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    I think he will be the next coach of the Cowboys after Parcells leaves. You heard it here first or Carolina if FOx is fired next year.
  17. Dagg

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    Yeah he will sit back and wait for the right job to open. My guess is the Carolina job after they crap there pants again next year.
  18. QuiGon

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    My thoughts are that rumors and speculation these days is getting out of hand. I have heard everyone from Cowher to Belichick to Parcells to Jimmy Johnson going to Miami. I have heard Belichick and Pioli to the Giants. And I have heard Cowher going to not only Miami, but Oakland too and now Cleveland.
  19. MoLewisrocks

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    It remains to be seen if Cowher will wait - the Rooney's are claiming that if he tries to un-retire in a year or even two his contract will toll and he'll still be their employee, so why wait if money is the real motivator and you will have a (draft) compensation battle looming whenever you decide to jump back in. Although I'm not sure they can make that case stand up unless they were then prepared to give him his job back for a year to end the contract.

    We shall see. I think the first team to $7-8M+ willing to consider buyout compensation gets him. I agree with Clonmary that the marital spin is mostly wishful thinking on the part of Steeler fans. The Rooney's are cheap, always have been and likely always will be especially since they now have one for the thumb to coast on for a while. He knew that when he starting building the place in NC - over a year ago. He gave them 15 years of stability and capped it with a ring. He wants his payday. Had they offered him a decent deal he'd likely have stayed. But reportedly they only offered a 3 year extension with the salary not even reaching $6M until the final year.

    It will be interesting to see how Ben transitions through all this. Besides being accident prone there are continued rumblings that he just doesn't really get it, has no interest in putting in the consistent film study and tedious work of refining his game as a QB and becoming a real team leader. And his deal is at the half way point and was peanuts comparatively speaking. 6 years $22M with $8 of that not coming until 2008 in a roster bonus. There were $17M in incentives he could also earn but he's blown most of them of late. If Wisenhut doesn't get the nod he will likely go elsewhere and Ben will face a new OC. And some in Pittsburgh believe it's also time someone reigns Ben in anyway and gets in his face :eek: and retakes control of that situation going forward.
  20. qbert

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    Sorry, I don't have that data. I just know from other sources that Homlgren makes the most at $8M (I think that was negotiated when he had both coach & GM duties), Lovie Smith makes the least, and Cowher is paid just above $4M a year. I don't know that NFL coaches' compensation is a matter of public record league-wide.

    I agree somewhat with the motivations you state, but there are obviously other factors at work. Of course money is an issue between Cowher & the Rooneys (rightly so, they won't give him $8M/yr after the tank job he did this year)... and Cowher is going to look for top dollar in his next gig. But like you said yourself, why not cash in right now? Wayne Huizenga or Arthur Blank would easily make him the highest paid coach in the NFL if money was the only issue (assuming the draft compensation w/ Pitt could be worked out -- and the Pitt FO should be jumping at the chance to get draft picks instead of nothing at all).

    The marital discord is a rumor... who knows except Cowher & those close to him. There's even more gossipy speculation out there such as this:

    What is true though is that Cowher's wife and her family is from NC, whereas Cowher himself is a Pittsburgh native and his family has been installed there for a long time. If you have kids, or were a kid who moved during childood, you know it is the hardest thing to uproot all of a sudden when a child has grown up all in one place and is close to finishing high school. It takes some definitive pull for his family to do that when Cowher's job is somehwere else. That move alone said he wasn't going to stay in Pitt, but it also says he wasn't going to move to Cleveland, or Dallas, or Miami anytime soon. If you watched his press conference today you can tell the man is a little pussywhipped. Hence why the marriage-on-the-rocks rumor has legs.

    Well, it was no secret that Cowher and Ben did not have any special developmental relationship like Belichick-Brady... Cowher has always sucked at building up quarterbacks. He lucked out drafting a guy with tremendous physical skills and instincts. Cowher leaving might be much better for Ben and the offense. If Whisenhunt leaves, hopefully he does not take QB coach Mark Whipple with him, who probably has the most ability to coach up Ben on the current staff. Most educated Steelers fans would tag Whipple as their next OC of choice. I for one hope the next coach is an accomplished NFL assistant from outside the org (that was the case for both Noll and Cowher) and Whipple becomes the OC.
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