Congress to "help" NFL owners with revenue-sharing formula

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mikey, Oct 19, 2006.

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  2. jczxohn1

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    I'm from the government and I'm going to help you....
  3. RayClay

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    I thought they solved this crap.:confused:
  4. psychoPat

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    Is there any more conspicuous example of
    socialism for the rich
    ... than government financing of NFL stadiums?

    And the Bidwell family collects naming rights fees
    for the publicly-funded edifice in which its team (the Cards) operates !
  5. Justice

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    not that I want to get political, cause we're not in that forum, but doesn't Congress have better things they need to be working on?
  6. njpatsfan

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    It's "Chucky Cheese" Schumer - a classic Manhattan liberal - what do you expect ? They LIVE for this stuff. This is just the tip of the iceberg if Dems get Congress.

    Oh, and the NY (really NJ) teams are looking for a new stadium. Chucky Cheese is looking for someone else to pay .... and now it looks like it will be the fans of the 20 other franchises with higher value than the Jets/Giants.

    If Congress DID want to address 'imbalance' in professional sports, the place to logically start would be in BASEBALL, which has an exemption from anti-trust regulations by federal law. But of course, that could ONLY hurt the Yankees ......

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  7. njpatsfan

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    Not to mention that this would kill the Pats, who have a huge debt to earnings ratio (~50% as I recall).

  8. upstater1

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    I'm glad they're doing this.

    I WANT football to be socialist.

    I just want to concentrate on which team is the best on the field.

    I have no fun watching Steinbrenner destory to Devil Rays. Baseball is done.

    Schumer is saving the game from the greedy owners. That is, if he actually accomplishes anything.
  9. njpatsfan

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    Umm, clueless, that's why there is a SALARY CAP in the NFL. 'Revenue sharing' will have little impact on parity.

    'Revenue sharing' is just a fancy term for plundering those franchises that have been successful in managing their team as a business. It isn't even about size of market or quality of team - the Cleveland Browns often crack the top 5 valued franchises, and the Houston Texans had the second highest operating income last year.

    In this case, Chucky Cheese is trying to get a new stadium financed (in Manhattan, of course), and even lib New Yorkers are choking on the bill. So they are doing what libs usually do - get someone else to pay for it.

    I'm just glad for my own tax bill that none of our NJ politicians sold us out to the NY teams (so far).

    I just find it outrageous that a NY politician would have the balls to complain about sports revenue - in any sport.

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  10. alamo

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    Not really, it's fall and the pages are back in school.
  11. alamo

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    I disagree that revenue sharing doesn't affect parity... I think Major League Baseball goes overboard in sharing revenues (just like the NFL, some teams just pocket the money as profit) but the playoff results in MLB, even absent a salary cap, say that revenue sharing does make a difference in enabling smaller markets to compete.

    Oh, by the way, your example of Houston is actually the 4th largest US city. So having the 2nd highest operating income isn't surprising.
  12. njpatsfan

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    Based on .... what ? There are no facts to support that position. They already share the largest single income source - TV revenue. So Chucky Cheese is entitled to a percentage of BoB Kraft's hot dog sales ?

    If you read carefully, you will see that I was pointing out that operating revenue is independent of market size or TEAM QUALITY. And how many of those Houstonians are Cowboys fans anyways ?

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  13. PATSNUTme

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    This thread is way too political, which was Mikey's intent, to stay on the football forum. Should be moved to, I don't care where, but any place but here.
  14. Patriotic

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    Rodney's right! Discussing the Congress? Let's turn the Page!
  15. upstater1

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    You're good at insults but you're not very good at thinking.

    The Salary Cap is rising fast. You obviously haven't looked at the math. The NFL doesn't require teams to spend to the cap.

    Look at gross revenues. When the cap hits $150, a lot of teams will be spending $100.

    It sounds to me like you have no idea at all what the issue is.

    Schumer, by the way, is not the Senator of New York City. He's the Senator of New York State, and 95% of the state resembles Appalachia more than it resembles Connecticut.

    Ypu're also way behind the times on new stadiums. No one is going to build a stadium on prime Manhattan real estate. They're already redoing Giants Stadium and Yankees Stadium in the Bronx. And Houston is NOT a small market team. They have a huge market. Sounds like you've never ever been there. Read a newspaper, get out into the world. You might learn something. So far you're just displaying your gross ignorance, which doesn't surprise me coming from a Fox News watcher.
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