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    Better late than never!

    First Half

    Kickoff: Maroney from the NE 4, 23 yd. return, Maroney curls around a penetrating defender and is forced out.

    Note: Faulk helped Evans with the right side gunner, leaving no leader blocker to help with the left side gunner who flew by Sanders. Maroney went wide to avoid him, but in the process lost the blocking angles for Woods and Thomas, whose defenders forced Maroney out.

    Offensive Series #1 Punt

    Contributor: Pats1
    Time: 15:00 remaining in the first quarter
    Statistics: 3 plays (1 run, 2 pass), 3 yards (3 run, 0 pass), time of possession was 0:49
    Breakdown: 1 black play (1 run, 0 pass) for 3 yds., 2 red plays (0 run, 2 pass) for 0 yds.

    1st and 10 NE 27

    Result: Run, Dillon, stretch play left, 3 yds.
    Analysis: Dillon was the lone RB in the backfield, with Watson at TE and Graham going in motion left to right. Caldwell was against the RCB press, while the LCB on Gaffney was softer. Dillon started off left with counter action right, with Light pulling inside, helping Kaczur with the penetrating LDE. Bounced outside by Urlacher penetration, Dillon tried to beat the SLB around the corner, who had shed Graham on the edge. Gaffney also lost his angle, allowing the LCB to angle Dillon out of bounds.

    2nd and 7 NE 30

    Result: Pass, Watson, Incomplete,
    Analysis: Brady in the shotgun with Faulk to the left and Maroney to the right, 3 WR with Watson in the left slot, but the Bears had only 2 CBs, both in press. No blitz – the left side of the line held up nicely while Kaczur stood up the LDE. Brady still had to throw off his back foot, perhaps prematurely as the DT stunting around Neal wasn’t yet in range. Watson cut underneath a 3 LB zone, with plenty of breathing room. Brady one-hopped it to the feet of Watson. Maroney and Faulk both went out into the left flat against the WLB, and were equally good options. Jackson and Caldwell went deep.

    3rd and 7 NE 30

    Result: Pass, Caldwell, Incomplete, 10 yard out, pass thrown wide.
    Analysis: Brady again in the shotgun with 3 WRs, but with Maroney at RB, Watson at TE, and Jackson in the slot. The Bears brought all 3 LBs to the line in a blitz look, and gave the WRs a big cushion. The LDE dropped off with Watson, and the WLB into a zone, still leaving a 5-man rush. Maroney had a beautiful cut block in blitz pickup on the SLB wide left, and the rest of the protection was stellar, leaving a clean pocket. Watson had the LDE and WLB beaten with plenty of free space on the left side, but Brady chose to go to Caldwell on a square-out right. Brady’s throw sailing into the Bears bench could have been a timing problem, as Caldwell slowed down to semi-push-off the LCB, who then slipped down.

    4th and 7 NE 30

    Result: Punt, Walter, to the Chi 25, Hester calls for the fair catch with Andrews and Baker getting pushed downfield behind him, 45 yd. punt, 0 yd. return.

    Note: This one came inches from getting blocked, with Izzo having to choose between two defenders coming through the middle. Pass also saw his first action of the year, on the left side.


    OL protection was great, but for some reason Brady’s throws were well off both times.

    The Bears demonstrated (especially Urlacher) how quick they can get to the ball on runs.

    Caldwell got away with one (although, with the contact, it could have been defensive interference too), possibly because the ball was uncatchable

    Drive Grades

    QB ‘C’
    RBs ‘B’
    WRs ‘C’
    TEs ‘A’
    OL ‘A’
    OC ‘A’
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    Defensive Series #1 Interception

    Contributor: Pats1
    Time: 14:11 remaining in the first quarter
    Statistics: 3 plays (0 run, 3 pass), 5 yards, time of possession was 0:41
    Breakdown: 2 green plays (0 run, 2 pass) for 0 yds., 1 red play (0 run, 1 pass) for 5 yds.

    1st and 10 Chi 25

    Result: Pass, Muhammad, quick hook, 5 yds.
    Analysis: 3-4 against 2 WRs with light coverage, 2 TEs split with lone RB. Seau rushed down while the rest of the LBs took care of the TEs. Quick drop and throw from Grossman, who hit Muhammad on a quick out. Samuel was playing off, but came up to wrap up Muhammad in the open field.

    2nd and 5 Chi 30

    Result: Pass, Jones, flare left, Incomplete, pass thrown wide.
    Analysis: 3-4, Samuel comes up in the press at the FB motions off the wing to the I-form, TE still off left with 2 WR. Vrabel blitzes but again there’s no pressure at all. Grossman still managed to throw off his back foot and lead Jones too much in the flat. Bruschi took the TE, while Colvin was coming on strong to Jones on the flare route.

    3rd and 5 Chi 30

    Result: Pass, Berrian, quick slant, INTERCEPTED at Chi 39 by NE – Samuel, 0 yd. return.
    Analysis: Nickel package, with Banta-Cain in at DE and both LBs showing blitz up the middle. 4 WRs, 3 left with Hobbs and Brown press on 2 and the last in motion to the wing, with Samuel playing off the lone WR right. Bruschi and Colvin backed off on the snap into zones. Quick drop and throw, with the Banta-Cain rush being thwarted by the RB. Samuel played off the WR’s quick slant route, but jumped it and screened Berrian from the ball. There the two would collide, but Samuel came down victorious, ball in-hand.


    No real penetration by the pass rush, but Grossman decided to help the Pats out anyway. His first throw, a simple dumpoff, was way off.

    Great play by Samuel on a mediocre throw by Grossman leading Berrian too much.

    Samuel played off more Hobbs/Brown, and it paid off.

    Drive Grades

    DL ‘C’
    OLBs ‘B’
    ILBs ‘A’
    CBs ‘A’
    Ss ‘Incomplete’
    DC ‘A’
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    Good work.

    Is it possible to give an executive summary of who did well, who blew assignments, etc? It's hard sometimes to follow all the details.
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    Good catch - I forgot about the assessments/drive grades this week.

    I'll get them up soon.
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    Check out what happens to Urlacher on the 20 yard reception by Maroney at 10:11 in the 3Q. Urlacher and the safety are converging on Laurence, Urlacher pursuing east, and the safety flying in from the West. Maroney jukes, and the two defenders collide head on, with Urlacher being laid out flat. Maroney runs on for another 5 yards.

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    Note: I started this series first due to the LB concerns post Seau.

    Second Quarter, 9:07 remaining, NE 7 Chi 0

    Kickoff: Gostkowski kicks it 3-4 yds deep into the end zone, Chicago returns to the 25; Andrews nearly had the KR at the 13, Don Davis fought off a block to slow the KR at the 21 and Patrick Pass made the tackle.

    1st and 10: Grossman to TE Clark, incomplete. Analysis: Working out of a 2 TE/2 WR formation, the Bears kept one TE in and chipped Seymour with the RB on his way out to the flat. Sey and Wilfork drew double-teams, Vrabel and Warren each were pushed deep past Grossman. Bruschi trailed the TE across the field, Colvin picked up the RB in the flat. This was the first possession after Grossman had banged up his hand. The ball came out in a side arm motion and was in the dirt well in front of the TE’s crossing pattern.

    2nd and 10: RB Benson right side for no gain. Analysis: Bears line up in an I with two WR to the right. Chicago’s O-line did a nice one-on-one blocking job with the Ts working against the OLB and the three interior men working on the DL. The FB led into the right ‘a’ gap, but Seau was there to meet him, this forced Benson to run parallel to the LOS and use the ‘c’ gap. Warren kept him going sideways even though the RG held his block, Vrabel had been turned into the backfield by the RT allowing Benson to go sideways, but no upfield opening presented. Sanders shed the slot WR’s block and was coming up which also kept Benson heading to the sideline. Seau shed the FB and pursued from behind to make the tackle.

    Note: Seau broke his arm on the tackle and had to leave the game.

    3rd and 10: Grossman to Muhammed for 14 yds. Analysis: Pats in a nickel defense. Troy Brown had Muhammed in slot right, jammed him hard off the line, then Muhammed ran a crossing pattern underneath the LB’s with Troy a half step behind him. Grossman led him well getting the ball away just before Colvin hit him. Muhammed broke Brown’s tackle attempt and turned upfield directly into a waiting Vrabel who had been on the TE. Grossman needed a good throw because Brown was in a position to make a play on any ball that didn’t lead the WR. Good execution by Chicago, good D by NE.

    1st and 10: Benson up the middle for 16 yds. Analysis: A nicely blocked run up the middle. Banta-Cain replaced Colvin alongside Seymour at LOLB, Colvin replaced Vrabel alongside Warren at ROLB, Vrabel replaced Bruschi at WILB, and Bruschi replaced Seau at SILB. Chicago doubled Wilfork with the C/RG and drove him left opening the middle. The LG pulled and was met by Bruschi in the hole, narrowing the opening a little. The C released off the double-team to wrestle with Vrabel, allowing Benson to dive behind the LG’s and C’s blocks straight up the middle. Sanders bounced off Benson who got low enough to take Sanders on his shoulder pads, this slowed him enough for Hawkins to hit him from the side and Seymour to hit him from behind. This is the kind of running I’m looking for from Maroney on inside dives - Bruschi and Vrabel had narrowed the gap created by the double-team moving Wilfork down to a crease, and Benson hit it with no hesitation bursting into the secondary where a Maroney could have a field day.

    1st and 10: Grossman to TE for 2 yds. Analysis: Chicago ran a flea-flicker into the line behind another double-team on Wilfork who handled the C/LG well. Warren blew up the play by splitting the RG/RT double-team and flushing Grossman out to his right. Colvin released off the TE’s block to join Warren’s pursuit, allowing Grossman to dump off the ball to the TE behind Colvin. Great hustle by Wilfork pursuing down the LOS put him in position to make the tackle and limit the gain. Colvin wasn’t reall needed to chase Grossman who was pinned between the sideline and Warren’s pursuit, if Rosy had stuck with the TE after the block was released, he'd have left Grossman no choice but to throw the ball away or take a big loss.

    2nd and 8: FB Mckie up the middle for 7 yds. Analysis: Chicago’s C face planted Wilfork, who was able to get a light shot on the FB from his hands & knees. Bruschi fought off the RG’s block to bounce off the FB’s shoulder pads and send him stumbling into the arms of Seymour and Banta-Cain. Vrabel was unable to get off the LG’s block, but was able to help Bruschi force a change of direction turning the FB into the left side pursuit.

    3rd and 1: RB Jones up the middle 1 yd, first down on measurement. Analysis: Wilfork held his ground against the C this time, with the rest of the front playing their responsibilities, Jones dove over the top of Wilfork gaining just enough for the first down.

    1st and 10: Grossman to TE for 3 yds. Analysis: Pats rushed 4 with Banta-Cain coming from the slot and blocked by the RB, Colvin dropped into zone right. Warren was double-teamed by the RG/RT, Wilfork was ping-ponged by the C/LG, and Seymour beat the LT inside to be in Grossman’s face. The TE came underneath the LBs on a shallow crossing pattern, Colvin hit him immediately to limit the catch. Grossman released the ball just before the 4 mississippi count, so he had time to find a WR upfield - which means the routes were slow developing or they were covered well.

    2nd and 7: Benson up the middle for 3 yds. Analysis: Chicago’s basic I formation, 2 WR look with a dive up the middle behind their interior threesome and FB. Everybody was plugging a hole and Banta-Cain came unblocked off the edge to wrap-up Benson as he plowed into the pile. Benson was looking to slide right to the ‘c’ gap, but Colvin closed it on him, turning him inside to follow his FB into the ‘a’ gap at Bruschi’s hole-plug.

    3rd and 4: Grossman throwaway, incomplete. Analysis: Pats in a 4-2 nickel formation with Sanders up in the box with the ILBs, both ILBs and Sanders showing blitz. Pats sent an 8 man rush with Colvin getting in Grossman’s face to force the throwaway and both Vrabel and Brown (blitzing from slot left) getting good penetration - though Troy went flying when one of the OL was able to get a straight-arm on him.

    4th and 4: Gould 46 yd FG.

    Pats 7, Chi 3

    Assessment: Sanders and Hawkins are playing pass first and not keying on run support. There were two good runs on this drive, in both cases the backs went up the middle and one Vince Wilfork was neutralized by the blocking, when Vince won the interior battle the run was limited - Seau or no Seau. As a reminder, Chicago’s Center is considered fairly adequate by NFL standards, as our Vince is finding out. Based on one series, Chicago seems to use their O-line very much the same way the Pats do, prefering to run behind the C & Gs, they also like to keep a TE in to help the RT. Their RBs do a good job of staying square amd running downhill, twice I saw them get their pads down low to take on and defeat tacklers. Chicago was down by one TD, they were moving the ball with fairly conservative grind it out tactics, then went for a big strike with the ill-fated flea flicker, they recovered, but the Pats’ D stiffened to hold them to the FG.


    DL B, Wilfork was getting moved a bit.
    OLB A
    ILB A
    CB A, Troy did well in his nickel role.
    S A
    DC A
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    Note: I skipped the offensive series to focus on the defense folks have been worrying over since Sunday.

    Second Quarter, 2:35 remaining NE 7 Chi 3

    1st and 10: Grossman to Berrian for 10 yds. Analysis: 2:35 left in the half, Bears on their own 22, so they come out throwing. Pats rushed four against a max protect package and got no penetration. Samuel gave Berrian a good cushion which made the sideline return pattern pretty easy to complete.

    1st and 10: Grossman to Berrian incomplete. Analysis: The Bears went deep against Samuel in man on Berrian (same kind of route & throw that ended the game with Asante’s 3rd int.), Grossman overthrew and Asante had the ball go off his fingertips. Four man rush, Colvin beat the RB outside to pressure Grossman. Banta-Cain was over the slot and mauled him off the line then stayed with him. Sanders came up on the TE, Hobbs and Hawkins were doubled up on the other side. No one was open and Grossman just took a shot at the single coverage hoping his WR could make a play.

    2nd and 10: Grossman to Muhammed incomplete. Analysis: Pats went to a 3-3 nickel with Banta-Cain, Green, and Seymour at DL, they rushed Bruschi and dropped Vrabel and Colvin into coverage. Grossman rolled out left to avoid the Banta-Cain/Vrabel duo on his right side, this also put him on the side of Muhammed’s crossing pattern. Brown over the slot trailed Muhammed across the field and was able to wrap his right arm around Muhammed while swatting at the pass with his left, disrupting Muhammed’s vision and twisting him as the ball bounced off his hands.

    3rd and 10: Grossman to TE for 5 yds. Analysis: Pats went to a 4-2 nickel and rushed four, with Bruschi sitting down underneath in draw/scramble guard. CBs & Vrabel were man on the wideouts and TE with the Safeties deep. Vrabes made a nice open field tackle to prevent the first down. There may have been a miscommunication on that play as Vrabel and Bruschi were having an animated discussion afterwards.

    Note: Two minute warning at 1:55

    4th and 5: Wright deflects the punt, downed at the NE 39 by Chi for 24 yds. Analysis: Wright came off the edge on the right side and just got one hand outstretched to get a piece of the ball.

    NE 7 Chi 3

    Assessment: Chicago was in a two minute offense trying to score before the half. Pats knew this going in and played the pass the whole way.


    DL A
    OLB A+
    ILB A
    CB A+
    S A
    DC A
    PR Unit A+
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    Third Quarter, 15:00 NE 10 Chi 3

    Kickoff: Gostkowski kicked to the Chi 15, returned 21 yds. Analysis: Pats tried to pin Hester against the sideline, he ran completely across the field before he could turn it up for the gain.

    1st and 10: RB Jones right side for 4 yds. Analysis: Colvin set the edge against the TE, Warren was doubled by the RT/RG, Vrabel got screened behind Warren’s pile and lost sight of the RB, Wilfork lost his battle with the C, Bruschi beat the LG outside and underneath to meet the RB coming through the RG’s slot.

    2nd and 6: Jones left side for 2 yds. Analysis: Chicago dived into the middle again, Wilfork was locked up by the C, Seymour was locked up by the LT, and Bruschi made the LG miss to meet the RB in the hole.

    3rd and 2: Jones left side for 2 yds. Analysis: Chicago spread the field with 3 WR (2 R, 1 L) and the TE upright at flanker right. Pats remained in base 3-4, with Sanders deep and the CBs and Hawkins up in press coverage. Wilfork was blown out by the C, Vrabel fired inside drawing some of the LG’s attention as he and the LT were double-teaming Seymour. The TE shifted inside as lead blocker before the snap and met Banta-Cain on the edge. Vrabel firing inside, Seymour holding up against the double-team, and Banta-Cain setting a hard edge left Jones with nowhere to run as he drove into the backs of his blockers and fell forward to fall shy of the line to gain by inches.

    4th and inches: Punt, touchback.

    NE 10, Chi 3

    Assessment: Pats rush D did it’s job. Sanders and Hawkins continue to stay deep and play pass first. Wilfork lost two battles with the C, but the other six held their ground and made the plays to bail him out.


    DL A, despite Wilfork’s troubles with a darned good Center, Warren and Seymour each took on double-teams and held their ground to allow Bruschi and Vrabel to make a play.
    OLB A
    ILB A, Vrabel screened himself out of one play, but he made a heck of a play on 3rd and 2.
    CB A
    S A
    DC A
    PR Unit A, Troy was back deep and faked the Bears with a fair catch as the ball went over his head for a touchack, there also weren’t any gunners that close to Troy, so the blocking went well.
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    Third Quarter, 11:18, NE 10 Chi 3

    Note: Bears starting from their own 44 after Tillman’s second pop fly catch.

    1st and 10: Grossman to Berrian, incomplete. Analysis: Bears ran play action and looked deep for the post turnover shock quick strike. Ty Warren busted through the line beating the RG inside to hit Grossman as he released. Colvin was targeted by the RT, Wilfork was doubled, and Seymour was checked by the LT, with the RB stopping to see if he needed to chip him before flaring into the flat (Sey actually started to follow him in coverage as the ball was going deep). The ILBs and Banta-Cain checked on the play action then dropped deep. Hobbs was in single coverage on Berrian and played his arms as they both went up for the ball knocking his arms apart as the ball hit his hands.

    2nd and 10: Grossman to Berrian, incomplete. Analysis: Grossman took a three step drop and threw for his WR on a quick slant that was described by Buck as a miscommunication - certainly they weren’t on the same page because Grossman threw like he expected his man to go outside. Hobbs stuck his cast up in the air and knocked the ball away.

    3rd and 10: Penalty, false start, 5 yd loss.

    3rd and 15: Grossman sacked, loss of 5 yds. Analysis: Pats in a 4-2 nickel showing blitz - Bruschi fakes a blitz into the line then drops back inside, Banta-Cain faked a blitz on the left edge forcing the LT to key on him and leave Seymour to the LG inside, Brown blitzed off the slot drawing the LT out further as Banta-Cain dropped away. Colvin drew a TE/RB double-team and Vrabel sucked up a C/RG double-team leaving Green alone on the RT and Seymour on the LG, both of whom were beaten for a QB sandwich as Seymour got there first to get the sack.

    4th and 20: Punt to the NE 30, taken by Faulk who was tripped up at the 32. Patrick Pass came down the field and cut across in front of Faulk to land a beautiful block on one of the coverage men curling in from the other side. The Bears made a nice ankle tackle on Faulk to keep him from turning the corner and gaining about 10 yds. The Pats used two blockers on each gunner, you can see the right gunner pinned against the sideline nowhere near Faulk, the other gunner may have gotten in on the tackle, but he can be seen running into the middle of the field as the ball is being kicked, in an effort to evade the blockers - relentless all four of them.

    NE 10, Chi 3

    Assessment: Chicago went for the big strike, but Warren’s pressure and Hobbs’ coverage checked that try. They went for a quick strike and goofed, only Hobbs having the cast prevented him from a likely shot at an interception and TD. Then they self destructed with a penalty and gave Pees a 3rd and 15 to release the hounds. Good D effort to counter Chicago’s good field position on the turnover.


    DL A+, a hurry and a sack.
    OLB A
    ILB A
    CB A+, two pass break-ups.
    S A
    DC A+, he had the guys ready mentally for the quick strike attempt after the turnover.
    PR Unit, A
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    Are you sure? I just checked the play-by-play, but this drive was off a Walter punt:

    4-6-NE24(11:24) K.Walter punts 32 yards to CHI 44, Center-L.Paxton, fair catch by D.Hester.

    Chicago Bears at 11:18

    1-10-CHI44(11:18) R.Grossman pass incomplete deep left to B.Berrian [T.Warren].
    2-10-CHI44(11:11) R.Grossman pass incomplete short right to B.Berrian (E.Hobbs).
    3-10-CHI44(11:07) PENALTY on CHI-T.Jones, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at CHI 44 - No Play.
    3-15-CHI39(11:07) R.Grossman sacked at CHI 34 for -5 yards (R.Seymour).
    4-20-CHI34(10:58) B.Maynard punts 36 yards to NE 30, Center-P.Mannelly. K.Faulk to NE 32 for 2 yards (B.Ayanbadejo).
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    #37 Jersey

    Good stuff, Box. I remember the announcers saying that Chicago was running at Bruschi, that he wasn't holding up. If you give them a mulligan for the series immediately after Seau left the field, both Bruschi and Vrabel held up well.
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    Offensive Series #2 Interception

    Contributor: Pats1
    Time: 13:30 remaining in the first quarter
    Statistics: 5 plays (2 run, 3 pass), 15 yards (5 run, 10 pass), time of possession was 2:09
    Breakdown: 1 green play (0 run, 1 pass) for 10 yds., 1 black play (1 run, 0 pass) for 3 yds., 3 red plays (1 run, 2 pass) for 2 yds. (2 run, 0 pass)

    1st and 10 Chi 39

    Result: Run, Maroney, up the middle, 3 yds.
    Analysis: 2 WR split with Gabriel left and Caldwell right, Graham in motion to left with Watson, 4-3 defense with LBs shaded and CB press. Graham whams the RDT inside and Watson-Light-Mankins seal the outside but the WLB Briggs blows by Koppen. Maroney evades it with a juke, but the SS, who was cheating down before the snap, is waiting there in the hole.

    2nd and 7 Chi 36

    Result: Pass, Watson, quick hook, 10 yds.
    Analysis: Shotgun spread, 5 WR. 4-3 still, but SLB shows blitz on the left edge while the WLB slides outside off Watson/Brown, both CBs press. No blitz, and OL doesn’t budge, giving time for Brady to nail Watson sitting underneath. Urlacher drifted back in the tampa-2 zone, and the OLBs were spread outside, leaving a big void in the middle. Jackson did a short whip route that he slipped coming out of, Gabriel and Brown slanted, and Caldwell went deep.

    1st and 10 Chi 26

    Result: Pass, Watson, Incomplete, crossing pattern, pass dropped.
    Analysis: Same formation and personnel, but this time the coverage gives more of a cushion. No blitz, and a RDT zone again gave Brady plenty of time. Watson went across the middle and was the only shallow receiver this time, allowing the LB zones to better focus on his route. The RDT floating in front of Watson didn’t help Brady either, and when the pass came in behind Watson, the SLB was right there to nail Watson from behind, the RDT adding a knock for good measure. The SLB was actually shading Jackson in the slot, but read the play.

    2nd and 10 Chi 26

    Result: Run, Maroney, right tackle, 2 yds.
    Analysis: 2 WR, Gabriel and Caldwell split, 2 TE split against 4-3 with LB blitz look and soft CB coverage. The SLB and MLB blitz, then both bounce off blocks and join the WLB in the hole. Kaczur bulldozed the LDT inside and Watson the LDE outside to open the hole. Mankins pulled to meet the WLB, but quickly lost him. It all had the makings of a good run until Koppen lost his angle on Urlacher, and the dominos fell from there.

    3rd and 8 Chi 24

    Result: Pass, Watson, seam route, pass knocked loose and INTERCEPTED by Chi – Tillman at the Chi 6, 5 yd. return.
    Analysis: Shotgun spread with 3 WRs and 2 RBs against the 4-3 with the SLB showing blitz right side and both CBs in press. Maroney and Faulk both did outs into the flats uncovered, but Brady decided to go deep up the middle to Watson. No blitz, pass rush picked up well except for a LDT hand in Brady’s face on the throw. Watson caught the ball in midair near the endzone, but the SS hit him when only one foot was down, popping the ball straight up in the air – an easy catch for the nearby CB Tillman. The coverage was the tampa-2, with the FS and SS picking up Caldwell and Jackson deep, the MLB Watson, and the OLBs/CBs shadowing the RBs.

    Score: New England 0 – Chicago 0


    Watson was Brady’s obvious target on this drive, but the connection was only made once. The Bears blanketed the field with a zone that left Brady with plenty of time to throw, but few open receivers. Even against the spread, the Bears did a good job keeping everything in front of them to prevent the big play. They also were very physical, as shown by the forced drop by Watson, then the interception. Some of the blame has to go to Brady because there were other open options, but no doubt Watson has to hold on better to that football.

    In the running game, the speed of the defense killed the Pats again, who tried to counter with Maroney’s own speed. Koppen was the obvious culprit of screwing Maroney’s chances to break one.

    Drive Grades

    QB ‘B’
    RBs ‘B’ - Wasn’t Maroney’s fault
    WRs ‘A’ - Good blocking
    TEs ‘C’ - Watson’s woes
    OL ‘B’
    OC ‘B’
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    I've been fast forwarding through the O series, I could have sworn this was after that onfield fiasco...I'll have to check up on it later. There are errors in the play-by-play, usually minor stuff, but on one series they skipped a play, leaving out 2nd down. I use them as a cross check for my own eyes more than anything.
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    Yes, I keep running across such drivel, 19 yds passing from Chicago's big play offense in the second half? The game plan wasn't centered on stopping every run at one yard and a cloud of rubber pellets against a team who doesn't have the patience to grind it out behind that tough O-line.

    Oh well, some folks will believe anything Joe Buck says. :bricks:
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    Tillman's 2nd INT came with 1:20 left in third. The Bears scored on a Benson run on the second play of the 4th quarter.

    I know what you're saying with the play-by-play -- I've already found a couple things wrong on the actual p-b-p page, but not in the gamebook.
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    Third Quarter, 8:38, NE 10 Chi 3

    Note: Jarvis Green in for Seymour.

    1st and 10: Jones right side for 3 yds. Analysis: Bears basic interior run, pulled the LG to lead through the right side. Wilfork was twisted away from the right by the C (If you caught the Game of the Week program on NFL Network, they have the Bears’ C on the sideline talking about twisting Vince one way or the other to move him since Vince wants to stay camped in the middle - a nice look into what has been a real battle in this game). The RG doubles up on Wilfork to seal him away from the play, Warren is holding the line against the RT, Bruschi meets the LG as he pulls into the hole. On the left, Jarvis immediately fights the LT laterally into the LG gap to seal the cutback lane. Banta-Cain comes in from the slot, he does a nice job of pacing himself to not overrun the play and allow the RB a cutback outside - the FB recognizes him as a threat who could cut down the RB from behind as he reaches the hole, so he peels off to block Banta-Cain which takes the second lead block away from the hole. Colvin sets the right edge, so the only place to go is the ‘b’ gap behind the LG’s lead block. As the RB hits the hole you see Warren fight off the RT and stretch out an arm to grab the RB, who spins off the contact and starts falling backward (but upfield) where he is hit by Vrabel and Green to clean up the play.

    2nd and 7: Grossman to Muhammed for 18 yds. Analysis: Pats rush four - Colvin battles the RT deep where he is doubled by the RB. Wilfork is blocked by the C into the LG, whom Wilfork beats as the C peels off to help the RG who is losing the inside angle to Warren. Green gets a good initial step on the LT, who recovers enough to push Green off his angle and past Grossman. Pats were in man coverage - Hobbs and Samuel were ten yds deep before the snap, Vrabel dropped into zone underneath Samuel’s WR and Hawkins looks to have slid that way over top of the route (that’s three defenders on the right side with one WR). Bruschi ran with the TE up the left seam, and was joined by Sanders coming up in support. Banta-Cain blanketed the FB’s flare out into the left flat. Hobbs was in single coverage on Muhammed who ran a nice comeback route to give Grossman a target - he still had to fully extend to catch the high pass and was immediately brought down by Hobbs. On the replay you see Muhammed run a great sideline comeback route, and make a great catch as Grossman threw the ball behind him - Rex may have felt Wilfork’s hot breath as he was bearing down on him.

    Note: Mike Wright in for Wilfork.

    1st and 10: Grossman to Muhammed incomplete. Analysis: Bears lined up with two WR right, TE left, FB flanked L. Pats showed blitz with Sanders up in the box on the left side and Hobbs coming up in press on Muhammed in the slot as Colvin who was out to the slot leans in. Pats brought six, Bears sent all receivers into routes, with the RB chipping Colvin as he wheeled in the right flat. Sanders came unblocked off the left edge as the O-line rotated right to account for Colvin with the RT, and still pick up the other four up front. Sanders hurried Grossman’s throw, hitting him as he released a prayer over the head of Muhammed running stride for stride with Hobbs on a go route. Bruschi did a nice job of taking off at the snap to get into the left flat and shadow the TE and FB as they ran out patterns that way. Vrabel hovered overtop of the outside WR as he came behind Muhammed on a crossing pattern underneath the LBs, leaving Samuel playing catch-up from his soft cushion up the sideline.

    Note: at 7:21 in the Third Qtr, a Fox graphic shows 1sack, 7 hits, 14 hurries on Grossman from the Pats D.

    2nd and 10: Jones right side for 6 yds. Analysis: Bears in a 2 wide, I formation - they bring the WR from the right side to flanker left to block Banta-Cain on the backside of the play (if you charitably characterize a flowing folding technique as a block, though it did slow Banta-Cain a step to allow the play to develop). Colvin sets a good edge on the right. Warren is doubled by the RT/RG. Wright holds the middle against the C, even though he slipped down to one knee - but the C looks to also have slipped down as they locked it up (Green fighting the LT laterally again does a dive over the two of them to try and reach the RB in the hole, so they were low). Bruschi fills the hole and takes on the FB, narrowing the ‘a’ gap between his and Wright’s efforts (Warren was moved out by the double-team, but it seems the Bears were focused on a straight-ahead run, possibly to avoid his gap) and tripping up the RB with the “line trash” of assorted body parts as he hit the hole. Vrabel was swallowed by the LG, but rode the block to be there to clean-up the play.

    3rd and 4: Jones right side for 17 yds. Analysis: Pats are in a 3-3 nickel with L-R, Seymour, Green, and Banta-Cain DL. Colvin took TBC’s place and Vrabel slid back to ROLB. The Bears had a TE right, putting three blockers over there to work against Vrabel and Banta-Cain, which is where they ran the ball using their regular interior attack pulling the LG for an extra blocker to account for Bruschi. Even with the extra blocking it was a near thing as Vrabel got an ankle for a moment nearly tripping Jones up. Sanders made an excellent open field tackle to end the play.

    Note: In the Game of the Week program, this run was one of the plays used to “highlight” the loss of Junior Seau and his impact on run defense. In truth, it was a good chess move to get first down yardage against the Pats’ nickel package, driving three OL and a TE against three LBs. It tells us nothing about Seau’s loss oh sage of NFL films.

    Note: Seymour returns, Green is out.

    1st and 10: Jones right side for 3 yds. Analysis: The Bears added a new wrinkle, doubling Warren with the RT/TE to push him inside, and using the pulling LG to ‘kickout’ Colvin and open the ‘c’ gap wide. Warren was moved back but kept both blockers tied up. Colvin got under the LG’s block and held the edge. Wright wasn’t moved out of the middle, but did get turned fighting around the C’s block to come up on the RB from behind and get part of the tackle. Both Vrabel and Bruschi plowed into the scrum created by Warren and the double-team, meeting the FB’s lead block and forming a wall which the RB ran into. Vrabel and Bruschi driving through the blocking wall, Wright pursuing around the C, and Colvin spinning off the LG’s kickout block all converged at pretty much the same time. Seymour pile dove for style points.

    2nd and 7: Jones stretch right for 5 yds. Analysis: The Bears are pounding the right side, this time running the stretch out of a 2 WR, 2 TE set. Colvin set the edge on the TE. Warren was doubled by the RT/RG, though the tackle tripped and fell, but the RG got a good push off the initial hit and moved him out. Wright lost playside to the C and was forced to run around him again, putting him behind the play. Bruschi got screened behind Warren and the RG. Vrabel ducked the LG and made the tackle as the RB came through the hole - Bruschi was riding the RG’s block (after the G released Warren while still screening him outside his new block) and was able to clean up the play off Vrabel's hit.

    3rd and 2: Jones off tackle right for 1 yd. Analysis: Bears came out in a 3 wide, 2 L, TE R formation, Pats stayed in the 3-4, but moved Warren a little further inside and brought Hawkins down over slot to free Banta-Cain up to rush. Pats were playing pass bringing Vrabel up inside Seymour in a blitz. With the three DL and Vrabel all packed inside, the run had to go outside, which strung it out, Colvin beat the TE and got his hands on Jones, which strung it out further. Sanders must not have been too deep since he came up quickly and drew the WR’s block, leaving Samuel a clean shot at the RB as he tried to turn the corner.

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  17. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter


    Note: Wilfork in for Wright.

    4th and 1: Grossman QB sneak for 1 yd and first down. Analysis: Vrabel moved up over LG, while Bruschi stayed back at normal depth to watch for play development. This left the Bears favored side with an opening over RG, which is where they took it, making the first down by half a football.

    1st and 10: Penalty, Colvin encroachment, unabated to the QB, 5 yds, repeat 1st down. Comment: The RT is moving his free hand, in some kind of wave, it either didn’t meet the official’s standard or wasn’t seen.

    1st and 5: Jones right side for 3 yds. Analysis: The Bears came out in a 2 TE, I formation, solo WR right. The Bears doubled a tanned and rested Wilfork with the C/RG and doubled Warren with the RT/TE. The LG pulled, but was beaten to Colvin by the FB, so he turned upfield and took out Bruschi. Jones dived into the ‘b’ gap and was met by Vrabel and Warren.

    2nd and 2: Jones right side for 2 yds. Analysis: Bears ran at the left side for a change of pace. Banta-Cain set the edge against the LT. Seymour penetrated, but was turned outside by the LG. Wilfork was doubled and buried by the RG/C. Warren held the line against the RT, but was clearly held as he tried to close the gap on the cutback lane - I know it is permitted to grasp a defender’s jersey as long as you keep your hands inside the shoulders, but if the defender is pulling away from you because the play has moved behind him, I can’t see allowing the offensive player to maintain that grip and use it to pull the defender down. Vrabel met the FB in the LG slot closing the hole. Jones cutback into the open RG slot where Bruschi and Vrabel made the tackle.

    1st and 10: Grossman to TE Clark, intercepted by Samuel. Analysis: The Bears opened in a 2 wide, I formation, TE right set, and motioned the RWR to flanker L. The Pats were expecting a pass and came prepared. Seymour drove the LT back deep. Banta-Cain stunted behind him and was hooked by the LG in an obvious and unquestionable hold - uncalled of course. The FB got a good chip on Ty Warren to help the RT, the RB chipped Wilfork who was bouncing the C around. Grossman went for the single coverage and Samuel working against a TE was able to bait him and make the pick. The LG may have saved a sack with his hold, but Chicago's karma wasn't to be denied.

    NE 7, Chi 3

    Assessment: Chicago likes its deep ball and always goes back to it, even when the grind it out game would be more effective. With a succesful drive working down the field, they tried to go for the quick strike to finish things off and were intercepted. Pees rested Seymour and Wilfork on the drive, Green and Wright did their jobs with little loss of efficiency.


    DL A
    OLB A
    ILB A
    CB A
    S A
    DC A
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  18. Remix 6

    Remix 6 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    so whats the problem with the run game .. Maroney not getting big yards? is it the playcalling or OL?
  19. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Pats1 has a couple offensive breakdowns, but I've been focused on defense. What I've been pondering is what the Chicago game tells us about the Patriots and the postseason:

    - Chicago and New England are both headed for the postseason barring a major meltdown.

    - Both defenses are playing at playoff level.

    - Both offenses are still putting it together entering the final stretch of the regular season.

    - New England's defense is playing at playoff level while missing the starting safeties, using a WR at nickelback, and a reshuffle at linebacker - they have room to get better going forward, which should make some teams very nervous.

    - New England's offense moved the ball consistently against a playoff tough defense in the Chicago game - but showed they are still a raw unit in the process of growing together - five more tune-up games, with two against top defenses in Florida, are a very good thing going forward.

    - Tom Brady is starting to get into to postseason form as he and the offense continue to develop together.

    - The offensive line is on track for postseason form.

    - Maroney is learning and growing as an NFL RB; Dillon has been held in reserve - fear that NFL; Faulk is Faulk, 95% Superman, 5% Oh Sh!t - with none of the latter this season those who want something to fret about can wait for the other shoe to drop :D; Evans is really developing into a nice FB, his blocking is getting better each time I focus on him, he is a solid runner & receiver; Patrick Pass is showing up on Special Teams, which speaks well for his health and potential if needed in the running or receiving game.

    - Caldwell continues to show well; Troy Brown is Troy Brown; Gaffney, Gabriel, & Jackson remain unknowns, another point where the nervous nellies can focus their angst.

    - Grahambo is Grahambo; Watson's blocking is improving, I expect he is putting a lot of pressure on himself to hang on to the ball after last week - folks can worry if they want, but he's the real deal for a guy who doesn't have natural hands; Thomas was a sweet score out of that draft, he already blocks better than Watson, his hands are excellent; Vrabel is the defense's Troy Brown.

    - Special Teams are making plays, leading the league in KR avg., are getting the occasional Faulk special (the good kind) on PR, have a developing kicker who is on track to be one of the better ones in the league, and can make due if the old Kenny Walter returns (he did a decent job in his first outing).

    I'd say the postseason signs are positive. :singing:
  20. AndyJohnson

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    Faulks 5% was in the Jet game. His hand-eye coordination seemed to revert back to what it was when he was 6 weeks old.

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