Calm down guys, this is how rest of the NFL fan base think of us

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by hellolin, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. hellolin

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    Mostly are actually very kind words, especially from some raiders and jets fans, read the post, and give a feeling of truely how special this team is with the amount of talent we have, how special that for the past 3 years while on rebuilding process that our team can overachive that much.

    I was pretty surpised that rest of the fan base in the NFL are give us that much postive feedback, way more than our own fan base....seriously if we are the new york yankees of football then some of us really need to ask how yankees fans felt for the past 2 years when they see the uncluth A-rod being the last one getting strike out in the last 2 of their play-off loses....:snob:
  2. McGinley

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    It also really depends on where you go, what boards you post on, etc.

    I post on the IGN Football board on occassion, and it's EXTREMELY anti-patriots. The simple fact is that not all fanbases think badly about us, and most of the ones that do are simply jealous of the dynasty.

    Haters will, in fact, hate.

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    Haters will be haters when you are very successful. We are the best at maintaining a level of excellence. So we need to keep our heads up.

    As for the team, 2 years back...we were in the so called rebuilding mode. A rebuilding process takes ...expectations were all over the board. The fact that we had two 13+ win seasons...says alot. Remember we have a few young players on defense and offense and many good players on IR. Each year those players just are going to get better and make us that much stronger. I know that many expect us to win a superbowl every year but ...our standards are higher....but being realistic....making strides every year is a great indicator....hell .,.look at the youth we have ...and how much experience they gained....

    players with under 3 years - over 30+ players (not including practice squad)

    the patriots are going to be that much better .....sooner rather than later....
    especially with a longer offseason...

    so dont look at the short term...look at the long term...and I think ...its going to be scary good. :)
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  4. hellolin

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    NFL Forum :: - Bill Belichick...

    here is the link, I think FBF forum is pretty good, i was really surpised how some of the jets and raiders fans give our team a heads up, so shows you not every other fan of those teams are just flat out stupid or something, most of them are positive and believe their own team wouldn't do what we did if giving the same personal to work with
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