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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by AZBroncoFan, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Out of respect for the rules of your forum, here to post in the New Members Area.

    Live in AZ, grew up in CO. Obviously long time Broncos fan. Hate the Pats but respect what they've done under BillyBoy and with Brady. It was many many long years the Pats were near the bottom of the league and they've had the good fortune to have turned that around and won some Superbowls. Everything seems to cycle in the NFL. Winning teams get stripped of alot of their coordinators and great players. That's partly why the cycles happen. Alot of it comes down to a HC and a great QB though. Enjoy the last few years with Brady, could be some lean years ahead without him. Enjoy what you have now.
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    In regards to your comment about cycles:

    During the first 38 years of the Pittsburgh Steelers, they made it to the playoffs just twice from 1933-1971. But for the next 40 years from 1972-2012, they made it in the playoffs 26 times. There's no cycle there. It's what happens when you have good HCs.

    Your team will have the "down" years well before we do. Brady is healthier than Manning, and Belichick is a better coach than Fox.

    Welcome to the boards. Good luck the rest of the way.
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    Yeah but you're not factoring in that back in the day free agency was never around. When a team had good players, those players were in place for their entire career. Now days, good players can leave in search of larger contracts, especially if they just won the Superbowl and they were in a contract year.

    And Manning is fine, I don't see anything wrong with him. Manning is 1 year older then Brady, don't kid yourself. Both of these guys will be finished playing in 3 or 4 years tops. It's not often you see guys playing NFL QB at 39 ad 40. I give Manning 3 years and Brady 4 years.

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