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  1. mgteich

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    Allowing for some players moving to IR, approximately 750 players will lose their jobs this week, 250 will later get jobs on the Practice Squads. 500 nfl players will be unemployed by week's end! Focusing on the 4th preseason game is no easy matter.
    Every team has 27 players to move of the roster to various list or the cutting room floor.
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  2. patriotscpfc

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    A few will end up in AFL, CFL etc.

    I notice that scouts from Saskatchewan were at the Rams game.

    And a few other teams were at previous games as well.

    53 man roster, 61 inc practice squad. 4 or 5 mysterious IR moves. Let's say 13 or 14 per team will not have a job.

    Lots of teams have shadow rosters anyway. Someone like Thomas Williams would be a Shadow Roster type guy. If McKenzie or Spikes go down, you bring in Williams as he has PS experience and plays that position.
  3. Schmo

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    The thought of a farm system immediately popped into my head when I saw the number "500." It's been discussed a lot on this board tho.
  4. The Brandon Five

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    I think that is the idea behind the UFL, isn't it?
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