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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by cstjohn17, Jan 12, 2007.

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    Unless I am reading it wrong, the Chargers only have 6 TDs from their WRs, all from Vincent Jackson. By comparison the Pats had 15.

    LT - 31 TDs
    - 28 rushing, 3 receiving (and passed for 2)
    Gates - 9 TDs
    Jackson - 6 TDs

    85% of offensive TDs come from 3 players =46/56

    You can spin it anyway you want but slowing LT is the only way to beat San Diego. If he can be held to 1 TD it will increase the Pats chances.
  2. BelichickFan

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    And, of course, the Patriots led the league, by far, in allowing TD passes with a miniscule 10.

    I'll say it again, my goal defensively is to hold Tomlinson to about 120 yards. They'll make plays with Gates, etc, but if Tomlinson's long runs are taken away so his longest runs are less than 30 yards, I think the rest will take care of itself.
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    If that's true it's incredible. You'd think that the other guys would get into the act with so much production coming from such a small group. I guess that just shows that it doesn't matter if you know WHO is going to score, you still have to stop them.

    LT and Gates I'm most worried about. Their WRs I think our secondary can handle. Gates will give us matchup problems, and LT is the greatest, he'll do what he does unless we play a great game of run D. Also, I'm not sure we have anybody that can cover LT out of the backfield as a reciever.. None of our LBs can run w/ him, and our secondary will be busy with Gates. I'm not sure how they'll defense this team, but hopefully it's a great plan that they've come up with.
  4. lander

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    Well, if you had Gates, your WRs would not have as many TDs.

    And yeah, you're reading it wrong. Malcom Floyd also had 3 TDs before going down on IR. Most of the deep balls/fades have gone to Jackson and Floyd because of their size (6'5).

    If we include the TE production the tally is Patriots 20, Chargers 18.
  5. BelichickFan

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    That's alright as the Chargers have allowed 19 passing TDs and the Patriots have allowed 10.
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    120 yards is more than Tomlinson's game average this year, so I think they'll have to hold him to less than that to have a reasonable chance at winning, unless you are talking about combined yardage.

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