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3 Round Horizontal Board w/2 Round Mock (Perry, Still, McClellin, Brooks, Taylor)

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by patsfaninpa, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    Sep 15, 2004
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    Don't forget there are only 31 picks in the 2nd and 3rd round. Here goes. My rankings within each position are from left to right.

    Round 1
    QB - Andrew Luck - Stanford, Robert Griffin 3 - Baylor, Ryan Tanneyhill - Texas A&M
    RB - Trent Richardson - Alabama, Doug Martin - Boise St
    WR - Justin Blackmon-Ok St, Michael Floyd - Notre Dame, Kendal Wright- Baylor and
    TE - None
    OT - Matt Kalil - USC, Riley Rieff - Iowa, Jonathan Martin - Stanford, Robert Massie - ole miss
    OG - David Decastro - Stanford , Cordy Glenn - Georgia, Amini Silatolu - Midwest st
    0C - None

    DT - Fletcher Cox - miss st, Michael Brockers - LSU, Devon Still - PSU and Dontari Poe - Memphis St
    DE - Quentin Coples - UNC, Melvin Ingram - South Carolina, Whitney Mercilus - Illini, Nick Perry - USC, Andre Branch - Clemson
    ILB - Luke Kuechly - BC, Dontae Hightower - Alabama
    OLB - Courtney Upshaw - Alabama, Zach Brown - UNC
    CB - Morris Claiborne - LSU, Dre Kirkpatrick - Alabama, Stephon Gilmore - South Carolina
    S - Mark Barron - Alabama

    Round 2
    QB - Brandon Weeden - Ok St
    RB - David Wilson - va tech, Lamar Miller- Miami
    TE - C. Fleener - Stanford
    WR - Steven Hill - WR - Ga Tech, Rueben Randle - LSU, Ashon Jeffrey - South Carolina, Mohammed Sanu - Rutgers, Marvin Jones - Cal
    T - Mike Adams - Ohio St,
    G - Kevin Zeitler - Wisconsin, Kelechi Osemele - Iowa St
    C. Peter Konz - Wisconsin

    DT - Jerel Worthy - Mich St, Kendall Reyes - UCONN, Brandon Thompson-Clemson, Alameda Ta'amu - Washington
    DE - Vinny Curry - Marshall and Chandler Jones - Syracuse
    OLB - Shea McClellin - Boise St, Lavonte David - Nebraska, Bobby Wagner - Utah St, Michael Kendricks - Cal
    ILB - None
    S - Harrison Smith - Notre Dame,
    CB - Jayron Housley - Va Tech, Janoris Jenkins - N. Alabama via Florida, Josh Robinson - UCF, Jamell Fleming - Oklahoma, Alfonso Dennard - Nebraska, Brandon Boykin - Georgia
    Ron Brooks - LSU

    3rd Round
    QB Kirk Cousins - Mich St and Brock Osweiler - Arizona St
    RB Lamichael James - Oregon, Chris Polk - Washington and Robert Turbin - Utah St
    TE Orson Charles - Georgia and Dwayne Allen - Clemson
    WR Chris Givens - Wake Forest, Brian Quick -App St
    Tommy Streeter - Miami, TY Hilton - Florida Int'l, AJ Jenkins - Illini
    T - Zebrie Sanders - FSU, Jeff Allen - Illini, Mitchell Schwartz - CAL
    G - Brandon Washington - Miami Fla, Brandon Brooks - Miami Oh
    C - Ben Jones - Georgia

    DT - Billy Winn - Boise St, Derek Wolfe - Cincy, Kheeston Randall - Texas

    DE - Jared Crick - Nebraska, Cam Johnson - Virginia, Jake Bequette - Arkansas

    OLB - Bruce Irvin - WVU, Nigel Bradham - FSU, Ronnell Lewis - Oklahoma

    ILB - None

    CB - Trumaine Johnson - Montana, Casey Hayward - Vanderbilt, Dwight Bentley - La Lafayette

    S -Markelle Martin - Ok St

    Round 1
    Indy - Andrew Luck - QB - Stanford - No brainer
    Wash - Robert Griffin 3 - QB - Baylor - Made their bed. Now they have to sleep with it.
    Minny - Matt Kalil - T - USC - Can't go wrong with a dominant LT
    Cleve - Trent Richardson - Alabama - BPA. I worry he won't be around when their rebuilding is done. I think they are a great spot for Ryan Mallett.
    TB - Mo Claiborne - CB - LSU - BPA - Ronde about toast
    St. L - Justin Blackmon - WR - OK St - Get Sammy some toys
    Jax - Fletcher Cox - DL - Miss St - These guys draft off the wall.
    Miami - Ryan Tanneyhill - QB - Texas A&m - I can only hope as a patsfan. OVER-RATED
    Carolina - Luke Kuechly - LB - BC - Better than any DL left.
    Buffalo - Stephon Gilmore - CB - South Carolina - Improved DL thru free agency
    KC - David DeCastro - OL - Stanford - BPA. Gonna run more with Hillis and J. Charles
    Seattle - Michael Floyd - wr - Notre Dame - Try to get Flynn some toys like GB had.
    Arizona - Riley Rieff - T - Iowa - Big hole at LT
    Dallas - Mark Barron - S - Alabama - Desperately need a safety and he can play
    Philly - Michael Brockers - DT - LSU - Always go big
    NY Jets - Melvin Ingram - DE/OLB - South Carolina - Trying to get to Tommy
    Cincy - Dre Kirkpatrick - CB - Alabama - Need help at CB
    SD - Courtney Upshaw - OLB - Alabama - Never replaced Merriman.
    Chicgo - Whitney Mercilus - DE - Illini - Tried to get Mario Williams and couldn't. Tells me they want to upgrade that position
    Tennessee - Quentin Coples - DE - UNC - Another team I can never figure out.
    Cincy - Cordy Glenn - OL - Georgia - Law Firm smiling as pick made. Big body.
    Cleve - K. Wright - WR - Baylor - Got a rb for Colt, and now a deep threat.
    Detroit - Zach Brown - OLB - UNC - I think he'll be great in an attacking 4-3 defense.
    Pittsburgh - D. Hightower - ILB - Alabama - Everybody else mocks him here. Why not?
    Denver - Dontari Poe - NG/DT - Memphis - Need help on DL.
    Houston - Robert Massie - T - Ole Miss - Lost e.winston in free agency
    NE - Nick Perry - OLB/DE - USC - We're gonna do it one of these years.
    GB - Andre Branch - DE/OLB - Clemson - Pass rush was worse than ours.
    Balt - J. Martin - T - Stanford - Ozzie usually goes BPA and they need a T.
    SF - A. Silatolu - G - Midwestern St - Big, physical kid fits their style.
    NE - Devon Still - DE - PSU - Gonna be better than people think. His play tailed off after Sandusky news hit and he got the flu. Was dominant early. Watch Bama tape.
    NYG - Doug Martin - RB - Boise St - Lost B. Jacobs and Bradshaw is always nicked.

    Round 2
    St. Louis - Jayron Housley - CB - Va Tech - CB play was dreadful will be nice tandem with Courtland Finnegan.
    Indy - Colby Fleener - TE - Stanford - Gives A. Luck a buddy
    Minn - S. Hill - WR - Ga Tech - Building a good offense
    TB - David Wilson - RB - Va Tech - Need speed to compliment L. Blount
    Cleveland - Brandon Weeden - QB - Ok St - Prob a reach. But, who knows?
    Jax - R. Randle - WR - LSU - Missed wr in Round 1 Gabbert needs help
    St. Louis - Mike Adams - T - OSU - Gotta keep Bradford upright
    Carolina - Chandler Jones - DE - Syracuse - Went lb in round 1 need pass rush
    Buffalo - L. David - olb - Nebraska - Fits their new 4-3 scheme
    Miami - A. Jeffrey - wr - South Carolina - Have to replace B. Marshall
    Seattle - Jerel Worthy - DT - Mich St - Need to improve DL and a good value pick here.
    KC - Josh Robinson - CB - UCF - Lost B. Carr. Signed Oak cb. But, always need depth at cb
    Dallas - Janoris Jenkins - CB - N Alabama - Jerry Jones never has a problem picking those bad boys.
    Philly Bobby Wagner - OLB - Utah St - Good player at a position they are terrible.
    NYJ - Harrison Smith - S - Notre Dame - Should replace E. Smith
    NE - Shea McClellin - OLB - Boise St - Double up on olb's. Yes!! Hope Mr. Patchick is around to give her CPR!!
    SD - Kevin Zeitler - G - Wisconsin - Replaces Dielman who had to retire unfortunately.
    Chicago - Mohammed Sanu - WR - Rutgers - Need help at wr
    Philly - Harrison Smith - S - Notre Dame - Still haven't gotten that position right.
    Tennessee -J. Fleming - CB - Oklahoma - Replaces C. Finnegan.
    Cincy - Brandon Thompson - DT - Clemson
    Detroit - K. Osemele - OL - Iowa ST - Upgrades their OL.
    Atlanta - M. Kendricks - LB - Cal - Lofton was a big loss for their lb corps.
    Pitt - Alameda Ta'amu - NG - Washington - Hampton aging and coming off knee surgery
    Denver - Brandon Boykin - CB - Georgia - Secondary exposed in the playoff game.
    Houston - Marvin Jones - WR - Cal - Compliments A. Johnson
    NO - Forfeited
    GB - Kendall Reyes - DE - Uconn - Helps their DL.
    Balt - Vinny Curry - OLB/DE - Marshall - Eases losses of Redding and J. Johnson
    SF - Alfonso Dennard - CB - Nebraska - Helps secondary
    NE - George Iloka - S - Boise St - Not crazy about board here. We have our center. That's why I passed on Konz. Was tempted to go wr. C. Givens
    NYG - Peter Konz - C - Wisconsin

    Our Picks
    1a Nick Perry - DE/OLB - USC - Replaces M. Anderson and pairs with Scott. Yes, I've said good bye to JC. Jermaine Cunningham. Might be able to help as a 3RD down player right away. Highly recruited out of high school. Took a little to find his niche. Seems to have ideal size/speed. 6'3" 271lb and ran a 4.64 at the combine.

    1b Devon Still - DE - Penn St - I see Devon as being another Ty Warren. He's no Richard Seymour. Not many are. As for the motor, if you go over the scouting reports on every 300lb plus def. lineman over the last 25 years. It's mentioned on 90pct of them. Went thru and saw a lot in his career at PSU. Overcame knee and ankle injury. Played a little as a r/s frosh in Rose Bowl against USC. Backup to Odrick on a pretty good team that Beat LSU in their bowl game. Terrible junior year for the team, not him. Was playing well until the Sandusky Scandal. We'll get a mature young man whom I think can start his rookie year after a good off-season. 6'5" 308 lb at combine ran 5.06. 33 1/4 arms. Fairly long.

    2a Shea McClellin - OLB - Boise - Seems ideal to fit our system. Smart heady player who can play the run and pressure the qb. Eventual replacement for Ninko. Can prob slide inside if Spikes or Mayo injured. 6'3" 260lb with a 4.63 and 32 3/4 arms at combine.

    2b Ron Brooks - CB - LSU - I've seen a lot of projections that have him going in the 3RD round now. Don't want to wait and miss on him. Ran 4.35 at the combine. Played against great competition in the SEC. What's not to like? Can probably push Arrington and Dowling. Allows us to try McCourty at FS.

    3 Brandon Taylor - S - LSU - Brooks teammate on the Bayou. He prob isn't a starter. James Sanders type. But provides depth in a position we need it. Has to be better than Sergio Brown and Josh Barrett. They couldn't cover a lick. If Waters retires, we can get a decent guard here like Brandon Brooks or Ryan Miller. I'd love to double up on defensive linemen too. I'd take Billy Winn if he falls. But, I don't think he will. That's why I'm going safety.

    4. Bernard Pierce - RB - Temple - Just have a hunch we go rb here.
  2. Blackluck

    Blackluck Practice Squad Player

    Apr 9, 2012
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    Nice post and mock (I think Houston though is going WR with their pick, and the way your mock shapes up that would be S. Hill.)

    Nick Perry: I would be surprised if we took a situational edge rusher with our first pick; as we know BB wants 3 down players, ST contribution, or future starters. That said, Perry is probably the most explosive edge rusher in the draft.

    Devon Still: I've read he's not a good 3/4 fit, plus some red flags, but then again most prospects in this draft have similar issues. Seems a plausible pick to me.

    Like the rest of your draft, Brooks may be a pleasant surprise; also if team visits are any indication it does seem we will be targeting a RB somewhere.
  3. midwestpatsfan

    midwestpatsfan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Sep 15, 2004
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    #95 Jersey

    i am a little confused. In the mock you have the patriots taking George Iloka but in your write up of who the patriots took you have them taking Ron Brooks.
  4. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    Sep 15, 2004
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    I changed my mind after I typed it out. Wanted to take Brooks with 3RD and figured he wouldn't last. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll change it.
  5. Gronkandez

    Gronkandez 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Jan 23, 2012
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    I'm interested to see what Buffalo does at #10 after all their off-season moves. Although I like Gilmore, I'm inclined to think they go offense and take Michael Floyd to complement Stevie Johnson.
  6. patfanken

    patfanken Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Jul 11, 2005
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    #91 Jersey

    Nice job...but a couple of points

    1. It will be interesting to see who gets Harrison Smith the Jets or Philly, since you have BOTH drafting him. ;)

    2. Having more than a decade of NOT drafting DE/OLB's high, I don't think its likely that he drafts TWO in one year. I admit to McCellin being one of my binkies, but if you pick Perry in the first, I think we can help the team more by going else where with that pick.

    3 So assuming the draft follows exactly the way you have it laid out and I trust your judgement on the first 2 picks, here's what I'd do in the 2nd round ( again assuming your 2nd round draft order is correct)

    I pass on McClellin (reluctantly) and got directly for my CB which could be Fleming in your draft, or one of OTG's binkies and grab Trumaine Johnson. Either would provide more immediate impact than McClellin.

    THEN at the end of round I think you got it right the first time, Itoka is a good choice. He has great size and range in a DB that NEEDS size and range

    Now with your 4 "premium picks", you have added 2 players to the front 7 and 2 to the back end of your defense. And as far as I'm concerned you can go home now and be thrilled with the job you've done....and trade the last 2 picks into next year. OR you can use those bonus picks to either add more depth to the OL, or even a potential premium WR you can red shirt a year like Broyles

    Again nice job So Nick Perry is your first choice huh. ;)
  7. State

    State In the Starting Line-Up

    Jan 10, 2005
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    #17 Jersey

    I think Devon Still is a very early second round pick.

    And I suspect Nick Perry gets taken a few spots before #27.

    Otherwise, outstanding.

    My binky can beat up yours, Patchick.
  8. captain stone

    captain stone Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Sep 29, 2004
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    No Jersey Selected

    I really, really hope that Bill doesn't waste another precious draft pick on another RB.

    There should be enough power backs from which to choose as UDFAs.
  9. Ochmed Jones

    Ochmed Jones Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Dec 21, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    If you think about the talent that Brooks had to sit behind, Peterson, Honey Badger and Clairborne and you can't help but think that if he'd transferred, he could have, in theory, started for just about any other team in the nation.
  10. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Oct 3, 2005
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    I'd prefer either cornerback Alfonzo Dennard or cornerback Jamell Fleming or cornerback Brandon Boykin with the #62 overall pick. Ron Brooks starts to provide value with the #93 overall pick.
  11. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Oct 3, 2005
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    If still on the board, Ryan Broyles, WR from Oklahoma, since he would be the perfect candidate to stash away on IR for the 2012 NFL Season.
  12. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Oct 3, 2005
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    4 Round Potential New England Patriots prospects:

    Michael Brockers, DT
    Devon Still, DT
    Kendall Reyes, DT
    Dont'a Hightower, ILB
    Kevin Zeitler, OG (if Brian Waters retires)

    Shea McClellin, DE/OLB
    Vinny Curry, DE/OLB
    Andre Branch, DE/OLB
    Chandler Jones, DE/OLB

    Alfonzo Dennard, CB
    Jamell Fleming, CB
    Brandon Boykin, CB

    Markelle Martin, SS/FS
    Brandon Taylor, SS
    Ron Brooks, CB
    Josh Chapman, NT (PUP/IR Candidate)

    Cyrus Gray, RB
    Ryan Broyles, WR (PUP/IR Candidate)
    Marvin Jones, WR
    Greg Childs, WR
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