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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by patsinthesnow, Oct 26, 2013.

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    One other name to keep an eye out for is Shaq Riddick of West Virginia. He's a 6-6 240lb DE that has transferred from Gartner-Webb. Dane Brugler calls him a "more polished version of Larry Webster".
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    At this time of year all I personally try and do is identify guys of interest to follow during the next 6 months. But Brandon Scherff just seems like a perfect Pats' OL prospect - another Logan Mankins in terms of toughness, durability and physicality. Although he's being touted as a potential top 15 pick, I think he could fall over the next 10 months the way Bryan Bulaga and Riley Reiff did in 2010 and 2012 (both were touted as potential top 10 picks at one point). Rob Rang has already criticized Scherff for not being a "natural bender", and he isn't an athletic freak, so it wouldn't shock me to see him get over-analyzed during the pre-draft process. I think his best fit could easily be at LG like Mankins, with the versatility to play either tackle position decently. He's probably my favorite prospect right now too, with Shaq Thompson, Cody Prewitt and Dante Fowler not too far behind, and Shawn Oakman my wild card.
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  3. mayoclinic

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    I never thought that Scherff was an NFL LT, always pegged him as a RT/LG. After my disastrous last draft, I'm out of the 'perfect fit' game, but he really is as you say.

    Take a look at Alvin 'Bud' Dupree of Kentucky. He's a 6'4", 259 DE that, according to NFL.com jumped a 40" vert and 10'7" vert which isn't that far behind the 240lb Shazier. Was also clocked at 20.5 miles per hour in a game last season" but I have no idea how that translates into a 40 time (looks quick for his size on the field though). He's no slouch either. 2nd Team SEC last year and has had 13.5 sacks the past two years. A Jamie Collins, Marcus smith type perhaps?

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    I hear you. At one point I thought that Barrett Jones and ASJ were both "perfect fits". By draft time I had soured on both. I try not to get over-fixated on guys at this point. But Scherff seems awfully darn good right now. I agree, he's not a pure LT. I think his best fit will be RG like Mankins, but I think he can play both LT and RT adequately, which gives him great versatility. I see a long-term Mankins successor as one of the key targets for 2015. A potential long term OL of Solder - Scherff- Stork - Halapio - Vollmer with Cannon and Fleming as top reserves seems awfully attractive.

    I hadn't heard those numbers for Dupree. Interesting. Kyler Fackrell is my current favorite for a Collins-type, but I'll take another look at Dupree.
  6. manxman2601

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    Don't know anything about Frackell. Will wait for Draft Breakdown to feature him. Have you heard of Lynden Trail Jnr of Norfolk State? Another 6-6/7 DE (is it me or are there a lot of them this year?) Just watching his highlights from last year. So far he's been a DE/ OLB/ Redzone WR, special teams gunner and hail mary CB. Not amazing athletically (4.70 and 33" vert) but it sure is a fun highlight reel (just waiting to see what position he'll play next).

    Like you, I'm not drilling down into any prospect until the season starts. Just trying to get a feel for who's available. Doesn't seem to be many 6'2" type CBs this year at the moment. Pass-rushers, RBs and maybe WRs look to be the strength so far of this class.
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    Do you really feel that Halapio has starter potential? He looks soooooo slow, out of shape & uncoordinated, and that's all before mentioning his lengthy injury history. I would much rather
    have seen Bill pick Laurent Duvernay Tardif or Zach Fulton if he wanted another OLman (though
    I really wanted Antone Exum).
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    I certainly wanted Exum badly. It's way too early to tell, but I'm reasonably optimistic about Halapio. There were reports that the Pats and him rated fairly highly and were very surprised that he was still available at #179, and there have been rumors that the coaching staff likes him a lot. Early reports from minicamp are that he's getting a lot of reps with the 1st team, and has been getting reps at both RG and LG. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see him take the RG spot this year, and certainly by next year. But again, it's way too early to tell at this point.
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    Its very early in the 2015 draft review but there are a few players I like and may also be available:
    Tre Jackson OG Florida State - 6'4" 330+ with excellent technique.
    Ronald Martin Safety LSU - excellent size and may be a real steal
    Jordan Richards Safety Stanford - 210 lbs and heavy hitter
    Nick OLeary TE Florida State - 250 lbs and terrific run blocker
    Devin Funchess TE Michigan - small TE but excellent skills
    Arik Armstead DT Oregon - 6'7" 300+ lbs who reminds people of Richard Seymour
    Amari Cooper WR Alabama 6'1" 205 - if Dobson can develop Cooper would be a great WR to play opposite him and the Pats would have real good size at WR positions.
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  10. mayoclinic

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    Here's a nice read on Dupree:


    He's reportedly packed on 8# more of muscle since the end of last season and is now around 267#, and is probably more comparable to someone like Dante Fowler in terms of a guy who can play both base DE and stand up, rather than to Jamie Collins. He claims to run the 40 in the high 4.4 or low 4.5 range in that article, though that's obviously not verified.
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  11. mayoclinic

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    Looking at some film of Dupree, what I see is outstanding speed and the ability to run down plays from the backside, the ability to drop into coverage and play in space, and a nice motor. What is clearly lacking as of last year are combat tactics, hand usage, pass rush repertoire, and the physicality to play on the line full time. Dupree has bulked up, and appears to have the drive to succeed. Mel Kiper thinks he can be a full time line player. His floor right now appears to be Cornelius Washington (a similarly sized athletic freak who hasn't done much on the football field so far). His ceiling is very, very high. Along with Dante Fowler and Shilique Calhoun, that makes 3 guys for 2015 who are very intriguing in terms of their athleticism and versatility.
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  12. manxman2601

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    Pass rush certainly appears to be the strength of this draft at this moment.
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  13. mayoclinic

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    - Randy Gregory
    - Shilique Calhoun
    - Vic Beasley
    - Dante Fowler
    - Bud Dupree
    - Shawn Oakman
    - Mario Edwards
    - Marcus Golden
    - Cedric Reed
    - Trey Flowers
    - Bronson Kaufusi
    - Noah Spence
    - Devonte Fields

    Depending on who declares, of course. And that's not counting guys like Leonard Williams, Ray Drew and Michael Bennett.
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  14. mayoclinic

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  15. mayoclinic

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    Oklahoma Football ‏@OU_Football 32m
    #Sooners head coach @OU_CoachStoops has announced the addition of Dorial Green-Beckham: http://bit.ly/1j0S26d

    Looks like he may be betting on himself for the 2016 draft rather than not playing and be a 2nd rounder Mathieu type in the 2015 draft?
  17. mayoclinic

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    Bucky Brooks thinks that Oregon CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu's game is reminiscent of Darrelle Revis:


    From what I've seen, Expre-Olomu isn't nearly as physical as Revis.
  18. mayoclinic

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    Charlie Campbell of Walter Football profiles Kentucky DE/OLB Alvin "Bud" Dupree:


    I think there is tremendous value to have a "base" 4-3 DE who can also function as a SAM or 3-4 LB and drop into space. Dupre, Dante Fowler and Shilique Calhoun all have the potential to be bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic versions of Rob Ninkovich. The biggest question with all 3 is whether they have the strength and combat skills to hold up on the defensive line, but going into this season I would list that threesome as one of the more interesting potential draft stories for 2015.
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  19. mayoclinic

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    Bruce Feldman's 2014 "physical freak" list is finally out:


    Some of the names have already been discussed at length, including OL Brandon Scherff (#2), DE/OLB Bud Dupree (#5), and LB Bernardrick McKinney (#11). A couple of sleepers of potential interest:

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  20. patsfaninpa

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    Here's a name and a player OTG's gotta love. Jesse James - TE - PSU. He's 6'6" 272lb junior. PSU players have a charity event lift for live each summer. The players perform there. He did 225 27x at that size.
    Deadlifted 500 and benched 400. Very impressive. Most PSU juniors stay. But, he did enroll early in Spring of 2012. Prob in line to graduate next spring. Here's an article about the players and performances. The Outlaw and Gronk has the sounds of a good western.


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