2013-14 Calendar: Key Dates for the Pats and the NFL

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    2013-14 Calendar: Key Dates for the Pats and the NFL
    By: John Morgan

    Here is a look at most all of the key dates for the Pats and the NFL for the 2013 season, from free agency and contract deadlines to waivers, trade deadlines and typical single-ticket sale dates....

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    Excellent post! Thanks for this.
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    NFL to announce the 2013 preseason schedule on Thursday April 4 at 4:00 pm.

    Hopefully the Pats will not have a situation like they did last year when they had a Monday night game. Since most games are on Thursday and the last game is on Wednesday, that resulted in the Pats going 11 days between games, and then three days between games and three games in the space of ten days.

    In addition, the Pats Hall of Fame committee meets today to decide on three finalists for fan voting for the club's Hall of Fame voting. There are 19 members on the panel:

    Ernie Adams - football staff
    Ron Borges - Boston Herald
    Don Brocher - Patriots Equipment Manager
    Tom Curran - Comcast.com
    Jim Donaldson - Providence Journal
    Mark Farinella - Attleboro Sun
    Glen Farley - Brockton Enterprise
    Fred Kirsch - Patriots Football Network
    John Hendry - Statistician
    Ron Hobson - Retired from The Patriot Ledger
    Carlo Imelio - Retired from Springfield Union News
    Bryan Morry - The Hall at Patriot Place
    Paul Perillo - Patriots Football Weekly
    Chris Price - WEEI.com
    Mike Reiss - ESPNBoston.com
    Matt Smith - Patriots Football Network
    Butch Stearns - At Large
    Andre Tippett- Alumni
    Howard Ulman - Associated Press

    Consensus is that the three finalists will be Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, and Rodney Harrison, who are all eligible for the first time.

    Others that might be considered:
    Houston Antwine
    Bill Parcells
    Julius Adams
    Fred Marion
    Mosi Tatupu
    Chuck Fairbanks
    Raymond Berry
    Russ Francis
    Raymond Clayborn
    Leon Gray
    Irving Fryar
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    Calendar updated to reflect the announcement of the pats rookie mini camp, which will be from Friday May 3 to Sunday May 5. The camp is closed to the public, but players should be available for some brief interviews after the Friday and Saturday sessions.

    Upcoming dates:

    April 29-May 19: Phase Two of OTAs begins, which can last three weeks.
    All coaches are now permitted on the field.
    Workouts may include individual player instructions and drills, with offense or defense only but no offense and defense at the same time.
    Special-teams drills may also be conducted without opposing units on the field at the same time.
    There can be no live contact and no one-on-one competition, and no bump-and-run coverage of receivers by defensive backs.
    Helmets are still not permitted.

    May 3-5: Pats rookie mini-camp

    May 15: Fan voting for the team Hall of Fame concludes.

    ~ May 15: Except for a three day minicamp that may be held within 15 days of the draft (above), this is the first day that players eligible for the 2012 Draft are permitted to participate in minicamps or meetings. If final examinations at a player’s school conclude after this date, the player is prohibited from participating in any activities until after the player’s final day of examinations. If the player has left or leaves school, he is prohibited from participating in any club activities until after the final day of examinations at his school.

    ~ May 20-June 13: Phase Three of OTAs begins, which can last four weeks.
    A total of 10 days of Organized Team Activities may be conducted.
    A maximum of three OTA days may be conducted per week during the first two weeks of Phase Three, and four OTA days may be conducted in the third or fourth week, with the mandatory minicamp scheduled for the other week.
    In weeks with three OTA days, a Phase Two day may be conducted on the fourth day.
    - Helmets may be worn, but no other pads.
    - No live contact is permitted.
    - No one-on-one offense vs. defense drills are permitted.
    - Special teams drills are permitted, provided no live contact occurs.

    May 20-21: Pats OTA. All OTAs are closed to the public.

    May 20-22: Annual NFL Spring Meeting, Boston MA

    ~ May 22: Pats put single game tickets on sale

    May 23: Pats OTA

    May 28-30: Pats OTA
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