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2011 Draft....

Discussion in 'Red Sox Fan Forum' started by bigcountry75, Jun 7, 2011.

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    19th Pick: Matt Barnes RHP, Connecticut

    This is a great pick for Boston. Barnes was ranked by several sites as a top 15 talent, so getting him at 19 is great value.

    Tall and lanky at 6'4", Barnes has a blistering fastball in the mid 90's with a very good curve and above average change-up. His command should put him on a fast track to the show and he projects as a front-end starter with ace potential.

    26th Pick: Blake Swihart C, Sue Cleveland HS (NM)

    This is turning in to a great draft for Boston (as much as that makes me ill). Swihart is a top 20 talent though scouts are split on his potential based on his average defense and lack of power.

    However, the switch-hitting backstop is athletic enough to improve in those areas and just at least hit for average. Looks like a Kurt Suzuki type of hitter.

    36th Pick: Henry Owens LHP, Edison High School (CA)

    So far, Boston is owning this draft. The 6'7" Owens is a first-round talent who has drawn comparisons to Mark Langston.

    With a heavy fastball that he keeps low and a devastating 12-6 curve, Boston has added another pitcher with ace potential.

    40th Pick: Jackie Bradley Jr. OF, South Carolina

    Seriously, I feel like Boston has picked Toronto's pocket. That's two players I mocked as future Jays now selected by Boston.

    Before his wrist injury and subsequent struggles with the bat, Bradley was thought by some to be the second-best OF prospect behind Bubba Starling.

    Bradley has amazing power for a kid sub-six feet tall and although his speed is barely average, his defense is top notch. Great value here.

    Grade: A+

    This is a good read that I found on the players that the Sox drafted in the first round and compensatory selections.....Looks like a great reload for the farm system and hopefully at least one of the pitchers works out to give us another ace down the road......The OF we drafted looks to be a good prospect that would be nice in right field.....Could you imagine Crawford/Ellsbury/Bradley Jr in the OF? Nothing would fall in between these guys.....Anyways solid draft....

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