11 Holes for the 2007 roster

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    Personally, I would sign any of the following that would extend: Branch, Graham, Koppen, Pass, Hochstein, Seymour, Bruschi, Samuel, and Wilson. Note that Brushi and Wilson are signed through 2007. This is the most straighforward way of solidfying the team for years to come. I think Hochstein is worth Neal money, since he has shown he can start at center as well as guard.

    We will sign a few more free agents for this year. Hopefully their contracts will reach into next year. I presume one will be a kicker. I assume the signing of ERFA's and RFA's. If someone give a first for an RFA, then we'd use it for the replacement player.

    As we move toward the draft, bb and pioli are working on the 2006 and 2007 roster. There are always potential upgrades, but we have 2 drafts and most of two free agencies to fill these holes. The draftees are the key. They are signed for at least four years, more for first rounders. Also, they are very economical for their first contract.

    DEFENSE (5)
    DL (1) other than an upgrade, Seymour is the issue.
    LB (2) we have Claridge; we need another two linebackers.
    CB (2) we need two; Samuel(06)
    S (0) we have Harrison,Smith,Hawkins,Sanders and G.Scott.

    OFFENSE (9-11)
    QB (1) a backup
    RB/FB (2-3)
    WR (3) Branch(06)Brown(06)
    TE (2) Graham(06)
    C/G (1) Koppen(06)
    OT (0-1)

    I expect six 2006 draftees/UDFA's, as well as three more 2006 free agents, to be 2007 contributers. There is still a lot of work to do.
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    Very good look...also some of the ERFAs may take a few steps up and be OK...but it is always good to take a view way ahead. Great post!!!
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    As much as I have enjoyed Richard Seymour, from pre-draft through to this day, this perspective has been the first one to actually make me think that we should trade him. He is absolutely worth every penny that a team can afford, but that number is likely cost prohibitive for a team expecting long term fiscal responsibility and success.

    Sucks, but even Reggie White and Bruce Smith finished their careers elsewhere.

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