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Patriots 2019 Opponents, Getting to Know the Philadelphia Eagles

Steve Balestrieri
November 13, 2019 at 9:42 am ET

For the third game in a row, the Patriots will be facing a team that is coming off a bye, this week it is the Philadelphia Eagles. But the Patriots are also coming off of a bye week as the teams get ready to lock horns in Philadelphia during Week 11.

 It is interesting to note that although the Patriots could use the time off to heal up some injured players and to get newcomer Mohamad Sanu as well as injured rookie N’Keal Harry better acclimated to the New England offense, the Patriots have often appeared sluggish in their return to the field after a bye. That type of start could be a bad harbinger of things to come this week. 

So, let’s take a look at the 2019 version of the Eagles and see what is going on in Philly with Doug Pederson’s team before Sunday’s matchup.

The Offense is Changing Their Identity:

The Eagles, much like the Patriots have done in the past saw that some things weren’t working and rather than slam their heads against the wall, have adapted and in particular, the offense has been changing. 

At the beginning of the season, Philly was basing their offense around a deep group of wide receivers beginning with DeSean Jackson, who they had brought back to be the deep threat for their offense. The only question this summer was if there would be enough passes to go around. 

But Jackson has been hurt and Alshon Jeffrey and Nelson Agholor have been very inconsistent with a lot of drops at key times. Jeffrey, in particular, has looked like he’s been laboring out on the field.  

So, the Eagles have been running a lot of 12 personnel lately. Running behind arguably the best offensive line in football, with three outstanding backs in Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders, and Darren Sproles, the offense has been chewing up the clock and the opposition. 

Howard has run for 525 yards with 6 TDs while Sanders has 336 yards and a score while adding an additional 22 catches for 305 yards out of the backfield in the passing game. 

In their 12 personnel package, they can throw to two excellent tight ends in Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. With the RPO game that Patriots fans will remember from the Super Bowl, this will be a huge test for the Patriots defense. 

Eagles Front Seven Present a Tough Matchup:

Philadelphia’s strength is their front seven and the ability to shut down the running game. Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and Derek Barnett can get after the QB and disrupt things for the passing game. 

Going against a Patriots offensive line that has been under-performing for the most part this season, This is another big matchup that will go a long way in deciding the game. While the Eagles secondary has had their share of injuries, they’re beginning to get healthy. But if there is a weakness in the defense, it is the pass defense. 

Look for the Patriots to try to slow down the pass rush and tire out their better players by going with quick, short passes to the wide receivers which will hopefully open up some holes for the running game. But Philly’s run defense is excellent allowing just 87.3 yards per game, good for 4th in the NFL.

Expect the Unexpected With Philly:

Doug Pederson runs a very game-specific offense. Their game plan will have a set of different formations and looks that Pederson specifically installs for each opponent. He is guaranteed to throw something at the Patriots that they probably haven’t seen much of, if at all this season. 

How well the Patriots can recognize and react to those formations will go a long way in determining the outcome. And with two weeks to prepare for this one, Pederson should get pretty creative. 

Philly Searching For Consistency: 

The Eagles have been up and down this season and at just 5-4, this start was unexpected as many picked them to be one of the teams to watch in the NFC. Philly began with a close win over Washington then dropped consecutive games against the Falcons and Lions. A big win over Green Bay on the road followed by a stomping of the Jets appeared to have them on the right track.

Then came big losses at Minnesota and Dallas which left them at 3-4. But then they turned it around in Buffalo with a big win over the Bills before beating Chicago before their bye week. 

Did they right the ship in their last two big wins or will their inconsistent ways return this week? This is a big game for both teams but may be an even bigger contest for the Eagles as they’re still chasing Dallas and have already dropped a game against their divisional rivals. This should be one of the games to watch this week.  

With all of the talk of a “Super Bowl Rematch”, I’m not buying it. Both teams are pretty different from the last time they met. And that game is nearly two years removed since they last met. While it sounds good from a media perspective, I doubt that the teams will be looking at it as such. The game has big enough implications for each team as it is. 

We’ll have our keys to the game and key matchups later this week. Stay tuned… 

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PHOTOS: Chris Long Retires From The NFL

Robert Alvarez
May 21, 2019 at 7:45 pm ET

Over the weekend, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end and former New England Patriot Chris Long formally announced his retirement from football.

Long played 11 seasons in the NFL, eight with the St. Louis Rams, one with the Patriots, and two with the Eagles.

On Instagram Monday, Julian Edelman shared a funny congratulatory message, sharing a locker room photo from 2016 of Long wearing an eerily similar mask of Edelman’s face.

“Going to miss this guy being in the league. He was Great teammate, and even better example of how to be a pro. His ability to be involved with the community is second to none. The father he is and family man he is everything! He made the game more fun. All this said, still my second favorite Long. Love ya bubs and congrats on an amazing career!” Edelman wrote in a caption.

Kyle Van Noy also shared his congratulations.

Speaking with NBC Sports’ Peter King, Long reflected back on his time with the Patriots, mainly head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

“In New England, I learned so much about football. I always thought I was a smart player, even though I never thought about anything but the six inches in front of my face. In New England, I was forced to learn so many schematic concepts. In my career playing football, nobody asked me to do as much as Bill Belichick did. I might be 3-technique, or a linebacker, or a linebacker dropping into coverage more than ever, or playing inside more than ever. I’ll always remember how much I learned watching Bill in practice. He can coach any position as good as any position coach in league. He can walk around the field and stop drills and coach each position—at the highest level. And the quality of the dudes. Solid men. The right kind of people.

Long later went on to say, “Tom Brady blew me away. Who’s the most famous athlete of our generation: Tom Brady? LeBron? Messi? Ronaldo? Serena Williams? Maybe I haven’t been around enough to know how the biggest stars really act. But Brady is a normal guy. When I got there, here comes Tom. ‘Hey Chris, I’m Tom, nice to meet you.’ Well, yeah, I know you’re Tom. A lot of people want to hate him for all the success, and I understand how you can dislike the Patriots, but I cannot understand how you can dislike Tom.”

Long walks away from the NFL with 70.5 sacks, 10 forced fumbles and 338 tackles and two Super Bowl rings (New England 2016 and Philadelphia 2017).

As Preseason Super Bowl Rematch Nears, Lane Johnson Is Back Talking Patriots

Robert Alvarez
August 13, 2018 at 9:22 pm ET

Don’t tell Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson that Thursday’s matchup with the Patriots is just another preseason game.

Johnson, who’s become notorious this year with outspoken remarks and criticisms about the team he won his first ring against was back at it again on local Philadelphia radio Monday morning.

“I’m ready,” Johnson told KYW Philadelphia. “I’ve been waiting on this ever since the Super Bowl was over with. It’s time.”

Johnson has previously called the Patriots are a “fear-based organization” that is filled with “arrogance” and “no fun”.

The Patriots and Eagles don’t meet in the 2018 regular season for a Super Bowl rematch that counts but Johnson didn’t seem too concerned about his reception at Gillette Stadium regardless of the timing.

“They know who I am on film,” Johnson said. “They know who we are on film. We’ll see what’s going to happen.”

Marquis Flowers Goes After Patriots Critics With A Series Of Tweets

Robert Alvarez
February 15, 2018 at 2:00 pm ET

As the New England Patriots continue the process of moving on from the 2017 season, linebacker Marquis Flowers took to his Twitter account Monday to try and clear the air with those criticizing himself and his team in the aftermath of Super Bowl LII.

Beginning with an article in the Boston Sports Journal by Greg Bedard that viewed Flowers Super Bowl performance as worse than the issue with Malcolm Butler’s benching, Flowers defended his head coaches decision making while also holding himself accountable for a bad game.

Secondly, Flowers responded to a quote from Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Lane Johnson who referred to the Patriots as a “fear based organization.”

When a fan pushed Flowers further on defending Belichick with a tweet that read “so you believe your teammate malcolm butler who you worked with all year the blood sweat and tears he didnt deserve to play???? did u tell him that marquis??” Flowers reiterated how those decisions were out of his control.

To conclude his series of tweets, Flowers shared what a full season under Belichick helped him with most while also calling out a few internet trolls that wanted to give him a hard time.

Flowers will head into the off season as a free agent, but judging by his defense and outpouring of emotion towards his time so far New England, he certainly learned a lot in just one full season.

Tom vs Time Filmmaker Provides Details About Final Episode

Robert Alvarez
February 9, 2018 at 8:52 pm ET

Leading up to Super Bowl LII, the Facebook Live documentary series “Tom vs Time” gave fans an inside look as to how Tom Brady balances football and family over the course of an NFL season.

Through five episodes the series was without a finale, as it was dependent upon the the result of the Super Bowl. When the Patriots fell to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, many fans were left wondering how it would end.

In a statement released on the documentaries official Facebook Page, the creator, filmmaker Gotham Chopra, provided some clarity on what will happen next.

A special note from Tom vs Time filmmaker and Religion of Sports co-founder Gotham Chopra:"Everyone keeps asking me…

Posted by Tom vs Time on Friday, February 9, 2018

If you’d like to watch the previous five episodes, you can see them all compiled HERE.

Tom Brady Shares Reflects On 2017 Season, Super Bowl Loss

Robert Alvarez
at 8:52 pm ET

It wasn’t the end the New England Patriots envisioned, but quarterback Tom Brady took to his social media accounts for the first time since the Super Bowl defeat to share some parting thoughts on the 2017 season.

In a lengthy posting shared to Instagram and Facebook, Brady thanked his teammates and the organization for all their efforts and congratulated the Philadelphia Eagles on their first Super Bowl championship.

With that, Brady officially turned his attention to 2018.

It has taken me a few days to reflect on our SB loss as well as the great season our team had. There are many emotions when you come up short of your goal. And they are all part of learning and growing in this journey of life. Learning turns everything into a postitive. And the number one feeling I have had the past 4 days is gratitude. Gratitude to my teammates for the incredible effort given all season regardless of the challenges we faced. Gratitude toward my coaches for the effort and sacrifice they make to put us players in the best position to win. Gratitude to the NEP organization for supporting us on our very challenging and difficult journey. Gratitude to the Philadelphia Eagles team and organization for bringing out the best in us and being gracious winners (as well as congratulations on winning the championship) Gratitude toward our fans who showed up every week to cheer us on and commit their time and energy and love and support to what our goals are. And gratitude to my family and friends who continue to love and support my dreams. Thank you all. I love you all. Best, Tom

A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

5 Takeaways From Patriots vs Eagles – 3rd Down Defense Cost Them

Ian Logue
February 5, 2018 at 5:00 am ET

It was a tough night on Sunday in Minneapolis, but there were plenty of opportunities to get this one done yet it just wasn’t meant to be.

Unfortunately, when the Patriots look back at this one, they’ll find it was a lot of the little things that ultimately cost them, and the result now sets them up for what will likely be a long offseason.

1) The Butler Situation Will Be One That Likely Won’t Be Forgotten – While Malcolm Butler was sick this week as he reportedly battled the flu, according to most reports, the veteran defensive back was physically O.K. by the time Sunday’s game came around. However, he found himself on the sideline for the entire contest, leading to what should be quite a bit of speculation this week.

Head coach Bill Belichick called it a “coaching decision” and wouldn’t elaborate, leaving a clearly upset Butler on the sideline for the entire night as Philadelphia had their way against a secondary that seemingly couldn’t do anything to stop them.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles put up 373-yards passing along with three touchdowns as Philadlephia put up over 500-yards of total offense. It’s hard to imagine Butler couldn’t have helped them, but whatever the reason, he just wasn’t out there.

After the game, Butler had little to say about his absence.

“It was a coach’s decision,” Butler told ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “I was just doing my job and supporting my teammates. I have nothing but great things to say about the organization. They gave me an opportunity. That’s about it.”

Many fans will likely remember the Wes Welker incident where Belichick left Welker on the sideline for the first series in a postseason game against the Jets years ago for disciplinary reasons, but he was only out for that set of plays. Sunday night, Butler missed the entire game, which is a completely different story.

Whatever the reason, Belichick told NBC that he “made the decisions that give us the best chance to win.”

It’s hard to make a snap judgement, but the one thing we do know is that whatever the reason, it speaks volumes about how football should have come first and prevented this from ever reaching this point. A few plays here or there could have been the difference in the game, and it’s unfortunate that Butler’s potential final game ultimately turned out the way it did.

Some may want to point fingers at Belichick for making the decision, but when the news eventually comes out, it’s going to be curious to make sense of a situation that saw Butler left out of this game while his teammates played on.

What’s done is done and if Sunday is any indication, it appears the same can be said of Butler’s career in New England heading into next season.

Nick Foles and the Eagles had their way Sunday night.

2) Speaking of the defense, they were horrific on third down – There’s no real way to mince words when it comes to how New England played defensively on third down Sunday night, which was ultimately their Achilles Heel in the loss.

Philadelphia finished Sunday night 10-of-16 on third down and that number doesn’t even tell the whole story. The Eagles essentially imposed their will against a group that just couldn’t rise to the challenge, allowing Nick Foles and company to do whatever they wanted.

The ugly part of it was how much they just couldn’t get off the field and to take it a step further, the amount of yards they gave up was completely alarming.

Here’s a list of each of those 3rd downs and the results, which more or less paints the true picture of why they lost this game.

Eagles’ 3rd Down Plays/Results:
1) 3rd-and-4: 17-yard completion
2) 3rd-and-12: 15-yard completion
3) 3rd-and-7: Incomplete
4) 3rd-and-8: Incomplete
5) 3rd-and-7: 19-yard completion
6) 3rd-and-4: 26-yard run
7) 3rd-and-3: 55-yard completion
8) 3rd-and-1: Incomplete (they converted on 4th down)
9) 3rd-and-6: 17-yard completion
10) 3rd-and-1: 14-yard completion
11) 3rd-and-6: 22-yard completion
12) 3rd-and-3: 8-yard loss on a completion
13) 3rd-and-6: 7-yard completion
14) 3rd-and-1: 0-yard completion
15) 3rd-and-7: 11-yard completion
16) 3rd-and-5: 1-yard loss on a rush

What you’ll notice on the above is the fact that on nine of those sixteen plays, the Eagles picked up 11 or more yards, which was obviously a serious problem.

To take it a step further, of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ 28 total completions, 17 of them went for double digit gains, including 12 that went for 15-yards or more.

As Bill Belichick likes to say, that’s probably not what they were looking for. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia took full responsibility after the game.

“Obviously, I didn’t do a good enough job here with the defense,” Patricia said via “Look, that is a great offense, they are extremely talented. I have been talking about it all week how good they are.

“They just played really well, and we didn’t get enough stops. I give them all the credit. They played outstanding.”

It certainly wasn’t the way Patricia probably wanted to end his career in New England. It’s unfortunate and he likely won’t get a shot at redemption anytime soon. He’s now expected to be named as the new head coach of the Detroit Lions in the coming days.

Brady played well enough to win Sunday night.

3) As usual, Tom Brady did more than enough to win the game – While people will talk about the fact he’s now lost three Super Bowls, it doesn’t change the fact that there shouldn’t be a single person who puts this one on the veteran quarterback.

Brady finished the night with a Super Bowl record 505-yards passing along with three touchdowns, including bringing them back from a 12-point deficit and put them in front at 33-32 with just over 9-minutes left in the game. But New England’s defense faltered again down the stretch, allowing the Eagles to march 75-yards on 14 plays to go up 38-33 thanks to an 11-yard touchdown to Zach Ertz with just over 2-minutes to go in the game.

The veteran quarterback tried to mount a comeback, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The Eagles did a good job of getting to him for most of the night but it was a critical play in the waning moments that ended up being the difference. While the offensive line of the Patriots had done a decent job, Philadelphia was able to slip through and forced a fumble after swatting the ball out of his hands as he was throwing the ball on the ensuing drive deep in their own end.

From there, the Eagles added a field goal, and it left him without enough time to pull off another miracle.

Mixed into his problems was the fact that the team lost Brandin Cooks for the night after he took a gruesome hit early in the 2nd-quarter following a 23-yard gain. He was absolutely drilled by Malcolm Jenkins on a blind-side hit where Jenkins caught him under the chin and struck him so hard, Cooks hit the turf and appeared to be knocked out.

He eventually got to his feet and walked off the field under his own power, but he was ruled “Out” mere minutes later with a “head” injury and it left New England without one of their key weapons for the rest of the game.

The fact Brady pulled off what he did this season was incredible in itself and he did more than enough on Sunday night to win the game. Unfortunately the defense let him down and they just came up short.

Brady said he expects to be back in 2018, but he’ll need a little bit of time to get over this one.

“I expect to be back, but we’ll see,” Brady said via ESPN. “It’s 15 minutes after the game ended. Have to process this a little bit. Don’t see why I wouldn’t be back.”

Amendola was terrific again Sunday night.

4) Another Terrific Performance By Amendola – One of the big topics of discussion in the months ahead will likely center on the future of Danny Amendola, who will be a free agent yet again this offseason.

Sunday night proved how valuable he is after he picked up the slack following Cooks’ departure and he finished the night with a team-high 152-yards on 8 receptions. However, the stat that really stands out is the fact that 98 of those yards came on third down. He finished the night catching 4-of-5 on third down for 98-yards and 4 first downs.

He’s been absolutely incredible all year and he nearly helped New England survive the loss of Julian Edelman this season and he was crucial two weeks ago against Jacksonville after the Patriots lost Gronkowski with an injury.

Getting him back for 2018 will hopefully be among New England’s priorities as he’s still playing at a high-level and has more than proven he’s a pressure-player they need on this football team.

Amendola was obviously disappointed after the game, saying they gave all they had but just came up short.

“It’s definitely defeating,” said Amendola on the loss. “It came down to the wire and both sides gave it our all and busted our [butts] all game. It came down to the last couple of plays.”

Brady may not have Gronkowski in 2018.

5) 2018 Seems Daunting Right Now – While it’s a little early to think too far ahead, it’s hard not to ponder whether or not this team can potentially get back to this point and the early thoughts are a little concerning.

What we know is that there are changes ahead, which includes changes in the coaching staff and obviously from a personnel standpoint. The departure of Butler will likely be one of the big topics of the offseason and if that happens, it puts them in a tough spot. If we learned nothing Sunday night, we learned that the Patriots will be in dire need of stabilizing the cornerback opposite Stephon Gilmore next season as they try and add talent while continuing to build depth at the position. They also need more speed at linebacker and also (still) need help putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Offensively they’ll have Julian Edelman coming back, but the news of Rob Gronkowski pondering retirement may take away their threat of a potent tight end and change the face of their offense again. Anyone who has followed this team over the years knows that prior to Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez’ arrival to this team, they haven’t had anyone who was able to strike fear into opposing defenses. Obviously, we know what happened with Hernandez and they’ve already felt the impact of what it’s been like when Gronkowski has been unavailable. If you couple the uncertainty of both Gronkowski and Amendola, along with the question of how potent Edelman will be coming back from a significant knee injury, it puts them in a curious situation heading into 2018.

Needless to say, expect an eventful offseason as Belichick tries to rebuild both the coaching staff and his roster. Last year he at least had the luxury of riding the high of a championship to help lesson the impact of the task at hand. Unfortunately, after Sunday night, he won’t have that luxury this time around.

With 2017 now officially in the books and free agency just weeks away, expect them to turn the page pretty quickly as they start getting ready for 2018.

Offense Anyone? Foles, Eagles Hold Off Brady, Patriots 41-33 in SB LII

Steve Balestrieri
February 4, 2018 at 11:42 pm ET

This one won’t go down as a defensive struggle as both teams combined for nearly 1200 yards of offense and 84 points, but it was the Philadelphia defense that made the one big stop when Brandon Graham stripped Tom Brady of the ball and it was the Eagles and Foles who played tremendous all game long walking over the Lombardi trophy and a huge win in Super Bowl LII.

Foles, who was the MVP completing 28-43 for 373 yards with two touchdowns and a pick. He connected with Zach Ertz for a touchdown with 2:21 left to give the Eagles a 38-33 lead but it certainly appeared that the call would be reversed.

But the call didn’t matter a bit. It would have just 35-32 before the Brady sack.  There were a couple of close calls in terms of what is or what isn’t a catch… but again, when the defense couldn’t stop Foles and the Eagles offense all game, that wasn’t the reason for the loss.

It was simply another tremendous Super Bowl, maybe not if you like a defensive struggle in terms of drama, it doesn’t get much better. Right down to the final pass into the end zone as time expired. The Eagles made just one or two more plays than the Patriots did and that’s why they are the new Super Bowl champions.

Other observations include:

Philly’s Coaching Staff Called a Great Game:
Doug Pederson said after the game that the Eagles wanted to stay aggressive with their play calling and they did and the Patriots were completely unable to stop them. Alshon Jeffrey was getting the better or Eric Rowe early in this game. Nelson Agholor was beating everyone the Patriots trotted out there against him. The Eagles identified mismatches they felt they could win and exploited them. Agholor had nine catches on 11 targets…he was uncoverable all game long.

Zach Ertz had a very strong game and Corey Clement torched the Patriots for 100 yards receiving, including a 55-yarder where Jordan Richards took just a brutal angle on the play. Pederson’s best call was on 4th and 1 near the end of the first half, they ran the option pass to Foles. With him in the shotgun, no one accounts for him and he trotted all alone for a huge touchdown to put the Eagles up 10 at the break.

Defense Was MIA:
The Patriots defense was dissected and shredded for over 500 yards of offense (374 passing, 164 rushing) by the Eagles who also gashed them for 41 points. The Patriots defense was manhandled up front by a very good Philadelphia offensive line that opened up big holes in the running game while giving Foles plenty of time to throw.

The pass rush was missing most of the game, Trey Flowers had a very, very quiet Super Bowl and was not a factor at all. With the exception of Gilmore and perhaps Pat Chung, and James Harrison, it was their worst performance since Week 1.

Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick didn’t have the answers this week. With the exception of moving Gilmore on Jeffrey, who was shut down, they didn’t make any adjustments that worked. They were out-coached in Minneapolis.  It doesn’t happen often but it did tonight.

Brady Was Fantastic Despite the Loss:
Immediately after the game, I was reading criticism of Tom Brady which is laughable. Brady was shredding the Eagles defense in the second half as bad as they were being shredded.

Brady threw for 505 yards and three touchdowns averaging 10.5 yards per attempt on the night. And the offense put up 33 points. I didn’t like the play call early in the game on 3rd and 2 with the end around to Brandin Cooks, where they were moving down the field, but that is the way the cookie crumbles, it could have been 40 with a better call.

Cooks left with a concussion on an awful collision with Malcolm Jenkins but Brady and the offense reacted well and spread the ball around. Danny Amendola was his clutch self, catching 8 passes for 152 yards, Gronkowski had nine catches for 116 yards with a pair of touchdowns, nearly all of it coming in the second half. Chris Hogan had six catches for 128 yards and a score. Overall the Patriots had three players with over 100 yards receiving.

The Butler “Didn’t Do It”, Benched for the Game:
With several players in the secondary struggling all game, it was more than curious that Malcolm Butler was benched for the entire game other than special teams. Bill Belichick said after the game that it wasn’t a disciplinary decision but a strict football one why he didn’t play.

Butler, who was very emotional during the National Anthem, may have realized that his last game in New England (and the chances of him returning now are practically nil) was coming to an end in the worst way possible, by riding the pine. What had to be particularly galling for Butler was that the secondary was being gashed.

With no one able to cover Agholor, in the biggest game of the year, was Butler the worst option between Rowe, Bademosi, Richards et al?

Changes are Coming:
Suffice to say, the team we see at the mini-camp in June will be quite different from the one that took the field tonight. Matt Patricia is gone. It was thought Josh McDaniels was gone too, but now, some in the media are saying to pump the brakes on that talk…at least for now. But the roster will see changes as the team will have several decisions to make in the coming days, which we’ll address later.

Sorry New England, no parade this year, we’re on to the NFL Combine.

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VIDEO: Tom vs Time Episode 5 “The Spiritual Game”

Robert Alvarez
at 8:47 pm ET

On Sunday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady released Episode 5 of the Facebook view documentary series Tom vs Time entitled “The Spiritual Game”.

“For New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, football is more than a game – it’s a spiritual vocation. Football is what gives his life purpose. But the clock is ticking, Tom’s children are growing up fast, and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is losing patience with Tom’s all-consuming devotion to his sport. Time is all we have – and Tom is painfully aware of it. How much longer can he keep playing the sport he loves.”

S1:E5 The Spiritual Game

For New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, football is more than a game – it’s a spiritual vocation. Football is what gives his life purpose. But the clock is ticking, Tom’s children are growing up fast, and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is losing patience with Tom’s all-consuming devotion to his sport. Time is all we have – and Tom is painfully aware of it. How much longer can he keep playing the sport he loves?

Posted by Tom vs Time on Sunday, February 4, 2018

A sixth episode of the series will be released at a later date.

VIDEOS: Brady, Edelman and Amendola Get Fans Pumped Up For Super Bowl

Robert Alvarez
at 8:46 pm ET

At the time of this posting, its officially Super Bowl game day in Patriots Nation for the eighth time in the Bill Belichick era.

As with every leadup to a big playoff game, some of the Patriots best players shared hype videos across their social media accounts to get fans fired up and ready for the 6:30 kickoff in Minnesota.

On Saturday, quarterback Tom Brady along with wide recievers Julian Edelman and Danny Ammendola all shared their own unique videos that you can checkout before or during your Super Bowl parties below.

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There is a storm coming #LFG

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24 hours and counting ⏱#letsgoooooooo #SBLII

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