As Preseason Super Bowl Rematch Nears, Lane Johnson Is Back Talking Patriots

Robert Alvarez
August 13, 2018 at 9:22 pm ET

Don’t tell Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson that Thursday’s matchup with the Patriots is just another preseason game.

Johnson, who’s become notorious this year with outspoken remarks and criticisms about the team he won his first ring against was back at it again on local Philadelphia radio Monday morning.

“I’m ready,” Johnson told KYW Philadelphia. “I’ve been waiting on this ever since the Super Bowl was over with. It’s time.”

Johnson has previously called the Patriots are a “fear-based organization” that is filled with “arrogance” and “no fun”.

The Patriots and Eagles don’t meet in the 2018 regular season for a Super Bowl rematch that counts but Johnson didn’t seem too concerned about his reception at Gillette Stadium regardless of the timing.

“They know who I am on film,” Johnson said. “They know who we are on film. We’ll see what’s going to happen.”