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Welcome to! It's cool to have you here and after a recent site upgrade I wanted to freshen up this forum a little bit. Please feel free to hop in here, test things out and introduce yourself in the "Roll Call" thread and tell us a little about yourself. Let us know how you started following the team, share some memories and then after you're comfortable, hop into the main forum and talk some Pats with us :cool:


Hey been a Pats fan since they played at Fenway. I was surprised that I'm registered here, but I never spent much time. The board I was with for a long time has become too political -everything dissolved into politics - so I'm looking for greener pastures.

I'm an optimist and have plenty of hope Mac can help reclaim some of what they've lost with Brady. I'm neither a big Brady fan nor detractor. I love what he did for the Pats, don't hold a grudge for him leaving, and couldn't care less what he done since....I really despise talk radio especially F&M.

Go Pats!
I was born in 2000, raised a New England Patriots fan, and will remain that way until my dying breath.
Tom Brady will always be my favorite player in the National Football League and Bill Belichick my favorite head coach.
It’s good to be here!


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Hey all! I guess ive posted more in the forums before even looking for a thread like this! Just googled a patriots forum so I could talk some sports to others who werent my friends in real life, now that they are all entering Middle age and have kids! Sports/Fandom is dropping down on their priority list. I have enjoyed the discussions Ive had here so far!
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