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1. Gunner
2. Harris
3. JC Jackson
4. Myers
5. Dugger

I think we've developed another slot in Myers. I wouldn't be surprised to see Gunner get reps there next year. I am mostly excited to see how Dugger develops after a full season an no COVID shortened off season.


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Might be unpopular but I don't think Harris is the solution at RB. He's a good north-south runner that follows blocks well, but he doesn't have elite vision that separates the best from the rest.

This is important because no matter who we bring in at QB next year, this team will need a strong running game. Harris is fine if you have Tom Brady at QB, he's not good enough when we bring a rookie next year or bring back Cam.

Not that we should trade/cut him, but I'd be more comfortable with him as RB2.

And I'm not counting on Michel until he has a fully healthy season.

Harris put up big numbers with absolutely no threat at all of a passing game. Our OL had 3 replacement players on it earlier in the year and he still ran for 100 yards - I think it was the KC game. That's amazing. I saw a stat where Harris faced more 8+ men in the box more than anyone else in the league - by a mile. Once we get a legit passing threat I think he'll do even better than that.

I don't know if I'd call it elite but he's got very good vision. Showed it college too. He makes good decisions and finds the right hole most of the time. And he's going to get better. Expect him to score a lot too once Cam is gone like Blount did. Hope they can use him more in the passing game.

Obviously he needs to stay healthy and he hasn't always been.


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I will limit it to only 5 but I think most posters mentioned all relevant names:


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I think performance on the field is the biggest criteria:

1.) onwenu - tremendous strength and power. The nfl is a big mobile man’s game and he is that. Ps: I think he moves to left guard next year and has an all pro career there.
2.) Harris - he faced a ton of stacked boxes and averaged 5 yards a carry. That is amazing.
3.) meyers - under utilized but open way a lot, just not thrown to enough.
4.) Jackson - got his hands on a lot of balls, would rank higher, but he struggles to cover crossing routes,
5.) Bailey - averaged 45 yards per punt. Really helped flip field position, seemed ok at holding for the kicker.


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I assume the consensus picks of: Onwenu, Meyers, Harris, Dugger, Bailey
I'll add:
T. Hall - could be the most primed for a big future at LB, he can move, hit and plays with grit we haven't seen at LB since... Brrruuuuuu
J. Johnson - really grew this year, in the mold of Develin - where his lack of mention was the greatest compliment
Gunner - perfect set-up for the Edelman replacement, start at PR, and shows natural instinct at WR.

*honorable mention - Asiasi - because of only 1qtr of play where we saw a hint of what could be.