That Edelman catch was the greatest catch I've ever seen.

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The part that gets me is that Edelman actually tossed the ball up 2cm and then recatches it. A ballsy move to ensure he had the catch and no one was taking it from him.


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Julian Edelman is Mr. Clutch. What a fantastic grab! 4 people in a traffic jam, and Edelman plucks that ball with Fingers of Steel! Fantastic concentration and an Epic catch on the greatest stage!


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That was exactly what I said. Easily top 5 SB catch all time, I think Montana, Kearse and Tyree were all better

Hm, I agree except for the part where I totally disagree. Montana? NO. Kearse? They lost. Tyree comes close but this one was better because....uhhh, we won.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Edelman is the epitome of Bostonian grit - the quintessential New Englander. Even looks like a grizzled fisherman come playoffs time.

True little warrior.

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Edelman is the greatest Patriot receiver of all time. He's Tom Brady as a receiver. Heart of a lion, 7th round draft pick, never die attitude. He's a legend.

All this from a former quarterback. My brain is melting and I like it :D


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Edelman' catch seemed like karma for the Tyree catch but let's not forget Marty snagging the ball after it had popped into the air. Not an amazing catch or game changer but those types of things had typically gone against the Pats in past SBs.


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At some point we will get the inevitable Welker vs Edelman thread. JE11's hands are not perfect, but there is something about Edelman and "winning time". When it is "winning time" he will make the play. His last catch on the GW-drive was not easy either.


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No, it really, really was.
That play will go underrated because there were so many key moments and plays. How can there not be in the biggest comeback in SB history? But that play, to me anyway, meant more than the Tyree catch. I know that could be debated, and rightfully so, but I feel it was just because of how the game played out and everything that was on the line. Five championships (six had they win in 2007) will be more significant overall in history than 19-0 would have been.


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Best SB Catch I certainly think is a valid observation.but best football catch i've seen in a long time was the OBJ catch in the end zone a few years back
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