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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Thanksgiving NFL week 12 games

2021 Patriots Season:
Upcoming Opponent:
Next Up: at Bills
Pick Results: NE: 83.1% at BUF: 16.9%

Dec 6th

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:

denverpatsfan Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Bills gonna shut them out.
Funny how being a drunken idiot gets you media love if you're from Buffalo. If you're from another city you are a criminal.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Considering two of the Saints’ pretty good pass rushers are inactive tonight, the Saints are getting decent pressure on Allen. I like the chances the Pats have on pressuring Allen next week.


Vice President of Boycott NFL Club Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
Better start Hill in the 2nd half. Otherwise, I’m going to bed.

patsinthesnow Supporter Supporter
The bills losing Tre’Davious White is the equivalent of the pats losing Talib in 2012-2013. Changes how they can play defense considering the other options at CB for them.

Between Josh Allen’s recent play & this injury they are in trouble.