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SBB's Super Bowl Story!

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First and foremost thank you @fgssand!!! My father is better than yours (fact).

This was his 6th and my 5th. He's taken all of his boys many times. This time around my two brothers couldn't make it but we took our life long friend a guy I consider a brother too.

It was his idea 2 years ago to bring the big screen TV into my hospital room where we watched SB49. He was supposed to go in 06 when the Colts came back to beat us and 2 years ago too but our tix fell through and I wound up in the hospital with a bum gall bladder. But that was last time.

So this time we left Friday arrived in Houston around 9:30 and we headed straight to the Barstool party! I was rocking the K Faulk look sport coat with a Brady Jersey. Zolak was at the party and gave me some daps when he seen it. Vrable and Ted Johnson were there too. Law was too but we didn't see him. Other NFL players too Goff, Bortles, and supposedly Manziel too. All sorts of craziness. My father and I took off at a normal hour but my buddy stayed late and had a blast. Clubs and drinking not really my thing but glad I checked things out. We almost didn't due to long day of travel.

We headed south of the city to meet @darmst2 who sub-rented us a few beds at this awesome house he booked on the water. Great times to meet some other Patsfans who were having the times of their lives too. They had sweet seats and bought the field passes. They went to the rallies and we're living it up too. We also had another patsfans member who stayed but I can't remember the exact handle he said it was mosi's mooses and I thought I remembered him but I didn't find it. I'm probably off slightly.

Back to us. Saturday we went to the stadium just to check things out. Met the guy with our tix. And got some absolutely awesome BBQ from A place called Pinkerton's BBQ for lunch I'd recommend this place to anyone in Houston. A buddy of mine does BBQ catering here Smokeystaxbbq (also highly recommend) and he's friends with the guy on facebook and so the owner came out and fed us properly and showed us his killer BBQ smokers and a lesson and his story. Fun Saturday.

Now to the real fun! Sunday morning we headed out nice and early left at 9 to get some breakfast. The Waffle House was crowded but a nice older couple actually gave up their booth to us so we could get a seat without waiting. So without them knowing my Pops picked up their bill. Pay forward and spread some good karma couldn't hurt.

Pulled into the stadium just about as the lots opened and our new friends from the house were able to meet up with us. Hung out for awhile then the stadium opened and we went in way to early and up to our seats.

(I'll add in a few more pics after I finish writing)

Had my hot dog and a sprite (usually at Gillette its a Mountain Dew but sprite has come through many times as a road substitute).

And patiently waited for the game. Met up with another friend sitting elsewhere. More good karma as he's the guy I get my Sox tix through we both were at game 6 a few years ago.

Game was starting to get closer and Lenny Clarke walked by heading to his seat just in the section to the right of us with his brother. I stopped him quick and shook his hand. A few moments later he came over and on his own offered to take a selfie more good karma. He was wicked nice. Later in the 4th quarter as our comeback was going strong I ran down and said we got them pooping their pants now (got a laugh from a comedian).

Also in the section next to us was the bald guy who always gets himself on the jumbo at Gillette. We had one or two falcons fans to our left and a few neutral fans in front of us but mostly pats fans all around us. And I'd say 2/3 of those loyal to a team were ours. One couple to our right that we kept high giving with as things were going well.

Onto the game. We were up there screaming our assess off early and often (voice still shot). Things were real tight at first and then things started getting out of hand. But thing in my mind was that we were moving the ball and had good time of possession we just had two brutal turnovers after long drives. It could have easily been 14-6 at half instead or even better.

But we were where we were at and we had to keep faith. it's halftime I couldn't watch the show never can too much nerves I needed to go pace. So we're out on the ramps with the smokers. not something we didn't think Brady and the team wasn't capable of over coming. We have to remind ourselves to forget the stupid SB history of comebacks or lack of. This is a game and TB can do this.

2nd half. As the 3rd quarter started to pass it wasn't the extra falcon score that scared me as much as the 10 or so minutes we wasted before getting it started.

But when things were at its most desperate the real fun started. I remember thinking we still can do this but doubt had crept in a little mostly I just remember thinking this can't happen to my buddy like this and that Brady would at least pull it in closer so he could feel the true tension of a Superbowl (07 was the most brutal thing I've witnessed but at least it was a good game) it couldn't go down like this for him.

And then when we finally scored it was huge I turned to him and I said its on now. He thought go for 2 pull it into 17 and then the missed point was kick in the balls followed by the onside kick and the doubt creeps back slightly. I remember saying that it seemed like a good attempt and that you now used your favorite onside move and now it might not work later but still we had scored and we now had a real chance at making this a game.

With each sack, turnover, and score it really seemed like it was a light switch that turned on and that it was right there to steal. We were going nuts high fiving and hugging each other after everything. I actually woke up the next morning with a bruise on my hand.

When we trailed 16 the Saints game came to mind where things needed to fall perfect and did. I just knew that TB was gonna get the opportunities and it would be a matter of being able to capitalize on it all 2 pointers and all.

We got our own circus catch, we got another direct snap 2 pointer in Houston. We got the first overtime. We got the best comeback in sports ever. We played in the greatest sports event of all time. We won #5.

Being in that stadium booing the **** out of Roger was the greatest thing ever. Watching Brady huddled with his family was amazing!

I'll add to this thread as I think of things I missed. The parade came in so I stopped writing then I just wrapped this up quick so some details might have been left out at the end.

Pics to be added.

Thank you thank you thank you to my father again!
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Can someone confirm that link takes you too my pics? Also there is a quick video of us in moments after the game.


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First and foremost thank you @fgssandWhen we trailed 16 the Saints game came to mind where things needed to fall perfect and did. I just knew that TB was gonna get the opportunities and it would be a matter of being able to capitalize on it all 2 pointers and all.

Love this story :)
I think where Falcon messed up is SP let off the pedal and ran. I think Falcons were trying to humiliate the patrots. Big mistake.
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