Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy - what are your opinions on them as commentators?

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it's hard to put aside my dislike for Dungy's sanctimonious demeanor...i mean, he could have been the nun who taught me in sixth grade in another life...and i can never forget the stuff he said during spygate...

but when i do put that aside, i think his analysis, especially when he walks through videos of plays and players, is excellent. i actually look forward to it, sorry to admit.

I think Rodney is terrific and that he gets better and more relaxed with every show.

I think he's grown into the perfect foil for Dungy...let's face it, there are very few former players who have the smarts, the personal presence and the credentials to stand in there with a guy like Dungy. Rodney is able simultaneously to show deference to a Coach who has a lot of respect around the league (outside NE) and also often to give him a look that says, "What the **** are you talking about?" when he disagrees with him.

At the beginning of the season, Dungy treated Rodney like a smartass who was intruding on his segment, but now treats him like a partner. I think there's a lot of mutual respect there.

I hope they keep them together, because as Rodney settles into this role, I think there will be some great debates between them.


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They're oil and water and I think we've seen the last of them doing anything together. Next year will be different.


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It took me a while to notice that wasn't a still.


Dungy looks uncomfortable in his own skin, but I think he does a pretty good job considering.
Some people work their whole lives trying to become professional broadcasters, and these guys step in with no experience whatsoever, and handle it well.


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I think the NBC stagecraft stinks. It makes Rodney look like an afterthought, not an equal. He is at the very end of the table...and he is always a step further from the moderator than Dungy is. This makes Rodney look uncomfortable, which is a damn shame, since everything he says is interesting and honest. I agree with those who think these two dislike each other. Dungy's sanctimonious attitude shines through and makes you hope that Rodney will make him look foolish. But Rodney has been polite. I'd like to see him a bit more edgy.


Eh, I don't think either are great. The worst thing about Dungy though is I've frequently seen him say something in the early broadcast only to completely contradict himself at halftime.

Yeah, he does that all the time. Just last week he said he likes the Pats to beat the Ravens on the pregame show, then said he thinks the Ravens will win on the halftime show.


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Smart coach, not so much commentator. I'd rather listen to Mooch and Billick on NFL Network, not that I particularly like the two, but they have an excellent analysis of the game.


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They will have, say, 3 minutes on Brett Favre and Childress. Dungy will spend 2 minutes and 50 seconds to say that Brett should listen to his coach and not show him up in public. Then Rodney will say, "Yup, he really screwed the pooch."

Then Dan Patrick introduces a commercial.


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I dont konw about those 2 , somehow i feel a pats/colts rivalry arguement will pop up everything these 2 open their mouth. Overall, just being a pats fan, I somehow pay close and more attention to Rodney's comments than the other guy


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Yeah, he does that all the time. Just last week he said he likes the Pats to beat the Ravens on the pregame show, then said he thinks the Ravens will win on the halftime show.

Well... I think that's understandable given what transpired in the interim.


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Neither of them are going to end up in the Sports Caster Hall of Fame. To be honest I think of all the ex players in broadcasting, Rodney comes across as the least lively and possibly most stereotypical bonehead jock. Just my opinion and it doesn't reflect his skills as a player. Lets face it, neither of these guys ever had the core talents it takes to be commentater.

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Rodney's great, Dungy sucks.

Seriously, it's like having to do penance to be allowed to watch Rodney. Holier than thou ghost of Dungee is literally the last person I want to watch on a TV.

100% agree with you.


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theyre both bigtime homers

Agreed. I'm not sure who is worse. Bruschi is a huge homer on ESPN as well, though he's trying not to be as obvious about it, lately, with his pick of the Jets to be Wild Card Super Bowl contenders.
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