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Report: Aroid ratted out Manny Ramirez to the Feds for steroids

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Sep 24th


Practice Squad Player
alleges that there is a 3rd un named player that was not implicated.
who is the first name that you think of?


High Priest at Team Bill's Temple
Almost every “hated” athlete is at least liked (or even beloved) by their own fanbase. ARod is in a unique class of despised athletes. Imagine winning a WS and multiple MVP awards and still being that hated in NYC? I live in the Bay Area and Bonds is still a legend here. Home fans typically view steroid use and cheating as immoral but at least the guy helped the team win.

ARod is truly an outlier and should be. To me he is the most despicable athlete ever, worse than anyone. I used to watch Shark Tank but stopped the moment that douche went on the show.


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Has there been a more hated baseball player universally in the last 50 years than A-Rod? Yankees fans and teammates hate him. Rangers fans hated him and from what I remember most people hated how he left Seattle.

Bill Lee

What, me worry? Supporter
A-Fraud was always a weasel. Not shocked a guy who cheated and is also disliked by most baseball fans did something like this.
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Even NY is calling him A-Rat now. Great name.

Also ratted out himself while he had the immunity:

Rodriguez admitted for the first time in the meeting he used PEDs he purchased from Bosch, per the report, which he had denied publicly.

He said he paid roughly $12,000 per month to Bosch for “doping protocols fueled by testosterone creams, red, gummy-like lozenges containing testosterone and human growth hormone” from 2010-12, per the report.

The three-time AL MVP paid Bosch in cash and sometimes used petty cash obtained from the Yankees traveling team secretary — who was not involved in the scheme.

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