OT: Colts and Titans Had "Agreement"

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Dec 6th

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That argument doesn't hold water. The Colts would not play either of those teams in the second round, the Patriots would. The question should be "Who would the Colts want to play New England if the beat San Diego?" Who do you think the Colts (if the would even worry about that) would want playing the Pats...the Browns or the Titans? Based on your argument, it wouldn't be the Titans. The only way the Colts would play Tennessee is if the Colts win their game and the Titans beat the Patriots. Do you see the Titans beating San Diego, let alone the Patriots?

As usual, you miss the point.

The point that poster, and by extension I, was trying to make is that however remote the possibility, it is theoretically possible for the Colts to meet the Titans in the playoffs. No one's talking 2nd round, first round, or whatever. The chance remains for them to meet.

There is no such possibility for the Colts to meet the Browns.

There is very low probability for the Titans to move forward in the playoffs, regardless of the opponent. There is zero probability for the Browns to do the same. That state of affairs is the direct consequence of last Sunday's "game".

That is the point of the post. The only thing that doesn't hold water is your specious reasoning abilities.


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The question then becomes is NFL a sport in which the games are played fairly or is it entertainment like Professional Wrestling. I don't see how agreements between friends who are on opposing teams to influence the playing of the game does not call into question the integrity. If the Commissioner fails to investigate even the appearance of collusion because of the position of the people on the Competition Committee, then he is a disgrace to his office.
Ofcourse if the NFL decides to become like Professional Wrestling then they have the right person in the position of Commissioner.
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