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Official Pats-Titans pregame thread

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Pick Results: NE: 83.3% at BUF: 16.7%

Dec 6th

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Doesn't Tannehil have a winning record versus the Pats and BBs defenses? This isn't over the hill immobile Matt Ryan or deer in the head lights Sam Darnold. Pats lost to top QBs so far. Dak, Tom, and Winston. A big test for this team. Titans might be missing a couple skill players but both lines are intact. This game will be won in the trenches so they say.
No he does not.
He is 5-8 and 1-6 in foxboro.
The one win his #s were 8/15/72/1/1

In the 6 losses in foxboro he put up an average of 11.3 ppg


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He's been on the injury report every day - Limited with the Calf. DNP is concerning though.
Not worried about Brown, it is Barmore that I am worried a bit. Bryant torpedoed himself into his knee on one tackle that was absolutely unnecessary and Barmore slapped his hand after when he tried to apologized. Hope it is manageable, as I think the team wanted them rested up a bit more

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Agree completely. This coming week will show a lot, in either direction. Will show more so than beating up on and winning against crappy teams.

What's the difference between beating a crappy team and beating a team with a crappy injury situation?


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WTF, the calf again!!

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