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Sep 27th

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The Tom Brady Of Not Having A Gf
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OT: Had em, don't wanna ever have em again. Diet change has done wonders.
Yeah, I'm about sick of it. Probably having a surgery or three in the next few weeks, then it can be done (until next time...)


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Key to the offense... Stay out of third down. 4 yardsis usually a successful play. Not tonight. I don't want to see more than 12 3rd downs. Don't let the chiefs do well on defense in the one area they can. Go for 7 or 8 yard chunks . Don't management and distance.

On D... Just do your best. Hit hard and often. When you get to mahomes bring him down. Don't let him outside the pocket. He is better there and loves to make the cb choose between coverage and defending his runs.


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Fingers crossed for a win and a great game. Do you best in the GDT folks..
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