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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Jets @ Pats

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This is hopefully, where our season turns around. We need a win BADLY today!!!!! Mac needs to continue to play well and our O-line needs to step up as does our defense!!! Getting to 3-4 is huge for our season. Let's gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to beat the Jets, one of my most hated teams.

Of course, hoping for no more injuries.......Go Pats!!!!!!

Let's discuss!!!!!


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A win here would go a long way. The players can do the « one game at a time thing ». I would like to see them go 3/4 here and get some steam for late Fall…


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Super curious to see how we go at this game. Is it Tampa/Dallas energy or Texans/Dolphins/Saints energy?

This game will tell us much about what this team is made of
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How do they compete with no secondary? Please explain.
Im very curious myself, and before the game starts, I foresee 2 scenarios.

1 - We have a plan against Rookie QB Wilson, no worries

2 - Once more, the coaching-staff decision making of this teams is completely nuts, we should worry a lot.

And no, there is nothing inbetween, dont even try it


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We are gonna watch the game at a local Jax Pats-friendly wings place. I warned Mrs Rover (a Jets fan before we married, and intermittently since) that it was a Jets game, and she responded, "Pfft. I'm in on the Pats now. Plus the Jets suck." LOL

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How do they compete with no secondary? Please explain.
Have faith in the Baby Belichicks, their vast experience will carry this D thru adverse times


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I think LG has the biggest impact on how LT plays. For the LG position experience and communication is more important than talent. I will not be surprised if less talented Ferentz at LG and more talented Onwenu at RT show the biggest improvement in OLine play.
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