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Dinker and Dunker
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Really confused. Saw Mahomes ‘break the plane’ and lose the ball immediately while in the air.

Breaking the plane is only applicable when you turn into a runner


Pro Bowl Player
Romo is effectively cheering for KC at this point. Heard him say "yessss" on Kelce's first catch and he was even coping about how he thought Kelce was down there.

denverpatsfan Supporter Supporter
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Thought they said Kelce was the best ever? How can that be a fumble?

Ras-IR Dowling

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Admit I don’t watch a ton of Cincy but seems every time I do Perine impresses me more than Mixon.


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Things going well for Pats overall today still if current results hold. Jets lose, Dolphins losing, Chargers losing, Bengals losing. Only thing that hasn't gone NE's way is the Ravens winning, but Lamar got injured in that one, so it could portend future losses.


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A little late, but let me just say this: if the Football Gods exist, then the performance Deshaun Watson coughed up this afternoon will be the high-water mark of the rest of his career. [And I won't root for an injury, but I won't have any sympathy if he does suffer one, either.]
I think it's ok to root for him to suffer a broken **** or a lacerated scrotum.

Tyreek Hill, you root for a broken arm.

Karma, if it exists, needs some irony or a sense of humor.
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SVN Retired Jersey Club
pats have to be underdogs vs the raiders...we cant score the pts we need to keep up with them i think.


Jakobi Meyers will not be missed
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Lol at the two teams in the AFC title game last year playing in a afternoon game.

And the question still remains why the product sucks these days.

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