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NFL Playoff Picture for Week 17

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Oct 17th

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NFL Playoff Picture for Week 17

John Morgan

The 2017 NFL regular season wraps up on Sunday afternoon. There is not as much drama this year compared to the week 17 of many previous seasons. The 2017 NFL playoff picture is relatively settled. In the AFC there are four teams battling for two wild card

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We can talk about what teams are in and out but I think it be more fun to make a list of contenders and pretenders. Here is how I see it.


Patriots. They have the ability, coach and a d that is good enough. They will be better than they have looked after the bye

Steelers. The only other true contender in the AFC. I don't think their offense will hold up away from home but if they play to their ceiling they have a shot.

Vikings. It isn't just about how good your qb is but also how hot he is. You need at least one of the 2 and ideally both. They have a fairly hot qb. Good offensive play makers and a good d.

Rams. A young team but the talent jumps out at you. Probably the most talented team overall in the NFL. That might be able to over come their youth and inexperience.

Saints. Brees can still be very good. Add in that run game and a fairly solid d and look out. No one really wants to play these guys.


Jags. Bottles... Enough said. Also Jimmy showed this d though good isn't a 2000 Ravens d that can carry that kind of QB.

Ravens. This is a rare team that will not make it even with a coach, d and qb who isn't too small for the moment. Just no play makers.

Eagles. Not with Foles. He may be able to win 1 game with a fairly stacked roster but not 2.

Panthers. We saw it in 2015. In the end nothing has changed.

Everyone else.. sorry. The other teams aren't even worth listing this year.