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James Develin Announces Retirement on Instagram:

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Sep 12th

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Sucks that it had to end like this with an injury instead of choosing to leave the game on his own terms. His toughness, grit, and grind will be missed. Jakob Johnson and Dan Vitale have big shoes to fill.

abdul7 Supporter Supporter
What a Champion and Patriot ,,,,in fact everything about James is what A True Patriot is.
His presence alone you can tell effected other players in a positive way.
Thankyou from a fan from far away ,,enjoy family life Champ.


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That's a shame, I'm gonna miss him. He was a true Patriot. It seems like when he was healthy, they won a lot (3 championships), when he got hurt, they didn't win in the playoffs. I'm guessing Dalton Keene will get some FB time as well.


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Tough player but I thought Jakob Johnson looked like a good replacement last year before he was hurt.


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Glad he did there is more to life than Football James was a solid player.


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Be well, James. Thank you!

Perfect Patriot and a great story.


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It’s no surprise our run game took a big step backwards last year with Develin injured. Absolute warrior and a big contributor to the success of our run game. Enjoy retirement, and your three super bowl rings.

raduray Supporter Supporter
One of my favorite players. True grit. Will miss him. Best wishes for the future.


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Thanks for all your hard work and being a true professional. The team and fans were lucky to have a player who gave 100% ever time he took the field. I hope you fully recover from your neck injury and wish you nothing but happiness as you move on to the next phase of life.
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Jakob Johnson and Dan Vitale have big shoes to fill.

Dalton Keene is listed at 6'4 and 253 lbs and is at least a try-hard blocker. He's played FB as well as TE and Hback at V Tech. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get FB reps, where he would add a lot of schematic flexibility. I'm sure he's not the blocker that Develin was, but he might make up for that with the flexibility he would bring to the position. Hard to believe he wouldn't be an upgrade over Elandon Roberts.


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I felt I kinda saw this coming with the injury he had. His position is very physical and very underrated.

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Enjoy your retirement, big guy!

That play is one of the all time football highlights.


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Neck injuries are nothing to mess with. I remember years ago when LB Andy Katzenmoyer had a similar injury. He tried to come back the next season but quit early in training camp, which was the smart move to make.
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