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PatsFans.com Supporter
PatsFans.com Supporter
And don't forget Blount's run against PIT.
Edelman had a reception in the flat in the Balt playoff game (his rookie year in 2010, we got killed 33-14) where he got hit about 6 times behind the LOS and still managed to gain a couple of yards out of it.

All the best to James, I had a feeling he'd retire given it was a neck injury and his position. A great Patriot.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
Oh well that sucks, can’t blame the guy.

Thanks for the contributions!


In the Starting Line-Up
True underdog story. Very important member to this ball club. He will be missed. Please rehab and get yourself physically right Tasmanian Develin. Thank you for everything!!!


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
As many have said already, a fan favourite and so crucial in the run game. A real grinder. Disappointed but health is number 1. All the best in your future endeavours.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
We all knew this was coming.
This dude was a warrior.
Huge impact on offense. Very underrated. Class guy. Will be badly missed. Was pure joy for me watching him play.
He's young, but you don't worry about James Develin. He will excel at whatever he does.