Great season recap video with Skip Bayless predictions

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Nov 29th

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Just found this really good season recap:

For some reason Skip Bayless seems controversial here on this board. But he's been consistently right in his Patriots predictions (he called Steelers-Pats AFC before the season began), and he is consistently right on deflategate. (Those of us with scientific background who've read the Wells Report know that the report actually exonerates the Patriots, but most media personalities haven't actually read the full Report, just Wells' misleading summary of it. So it took some courage for a media figure to speak out against the frame).

Anyway, here are some of his quotes

September 8, 2016:
Skip Bayless: "[I predict] Steelers getting to the AFC Title Game. I do not have them advancing to the Super Bowl.
Shannon Sharpe: Let me guess who you do have advancing.
Skip: They [the Steelers] will be beaten soundly in the AFC Title Game by Tom Brady and company. This is about to be once again the Year of Tom Brady. I believe that Jimmy Garapolo will go 3-1 standing in for Tom Brady in the first 4 games.

October 4, 2016:
Skip: [Tom Brady] going's to come back possessed to stick it to a commissioner who tried to ruin his reputation and his legacy
Skip: This man will be fueled by deflategate like no quarterback you have ever seen, and I do not think he will miss a beat starting Sunday in Cleveland.

Dec. 7 2016:
Skip: The commissioner framed and railroaded Tom Brady to get even with the Patriots for their "history of cheating". I don't believe he had anything to do with deflategate....

Jan. 20 2017:
Skip: "I have told you since the inception of this show on September 6: Tom Brady is on a season-long mission to get even with Roger Goodell who tried to frame and railroad him during deflategate. [Sharpe picks Steelers; Skip picks Patriots in AFC Championship]

Before Super Bowl:
Skip: You can put my pick with conviction, in fact you can slam it on the board: It's New England 32-20. I got Tom Brady on a year long deflategate mission...[Sharpe picks Falcons]
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