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There's no way Bill's trading Burkhead to the Jete.

Your concerned he's going to light up the Pats for 40 yards...when he's not injured ? Don't get me wrong...he's been very valuable at times...and I love the guy...but "IF" Bill is thinking about trading him...he might not care where he goes as long as he gets something for him. Maybe he wouldn't mind Rex with a division rival.
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QB - Brady, Stidham (2)
RB - Michel, White, Harris, Bolden (4)
FB - Develin (1)
WR - Edelman, Gordon, Thomas, Harry, Dorsett, Meyers, Slater (7)
TE - LaCosse, Izzo (2)
OT - Wynn, Cannon, Cunningham (3)
OL - Mason, Thuney, Karras, Eluemenor, Bodine (5)
DL - Bennett, Guy, Shelton, Butler, Cowart, Wise (6)
ED - Simon, Winovich, Calhoun, Rivers (4)
LB - Hightower, Van Noy, Collins, Bentley, Roberts (5)
CB - Gilmore, Jackson, McCourty, Jones, Williams, Crossen (6)
DB - McCourty, Chung, Harmon, Brooks, Ebner (5)
K - Gostkowski (1)
P - Bailey (1)
LS - Cardona (1)

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Braxton Berrios (2018 sixth-round pick) opened spring practice with a great opportunity to be top slot receiver. His knowledge of the system gave him an edge. But as training camp unfolded, it never seemed to fully come together. A late, undisclosed injury in Week 3 didn’t help.


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I dont get a few of these

flash gordon
chick because wynn young/first year?
Thuney meditates?
Karras likes casinos or is lucky?
mason tractor ill take
cannon mountain ok
squirrel Edelman
thomas workhorse?
goat brady
boar develin
sony puzzle piece?
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