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ESPN Forums shutting down and the effect on PatsFans

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Sciz Supporter Supporter
I don't know how common of knowledge this is, but the ESPN forums are shutting down on the 17th, and that's causing tons of ESPN posters to head to other forums. There are already some ESPNers here, and there are going to be more over the next two weeks. The problem is that the ESPN forums suck. The general feel there is much more argumentative, rude, and uncivilized than here, and now many of these posters are coming here.

I don't know exactly what steps should be taken, but I'd suggest doing something. Whether it's emphasis on the rules during the sign-up process, stricter enforcement of rules for new posters, or something along those lines, I'd hate to see 10 new posters come over here and turn this forum into what the ESPN forums were.


Staff member
Appreciate the heads up. We'll be monitoring it and I know of a couple who have already been removed, although one of the mods spotted the ESPN affiliation he had and how he was a pain there. So this explains it :mad: