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Sep 24th

1) No attacking or criticizing fellow posters, the players, or the coaching.
2) Stick to breaking down plays, not criticizing performance, execution, or messing up.
3) It's ok to identify who blew a play or assignment, but stop right there.
4) It's ok to disagree with analysis from beat writers, but not to criticize them.
5) No coulda, woulda, shoulda, or Brady woulda's.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Yes you can, otherwise there would be no screens. Pick plays would fall under OPI.

I think the refs chose not to call anything because they wisely recognized that it was a broken play, and HH adjusted as soon as he saw.
Sorry, I should have said “you cannot block downfield on a downfield pass play”.

You are allowed to block downfield as long as the ball is not thrown more than a yard past the LOS. So screens are acceptable.
Blocking downfield on any pass concept where the ball is thrown downfield is not.

As a related anecdote, in college we had a play design where we’d run a 1 yard drag and another receiver would cross and blow his man up. Making sure to keep the route within 1 yard of the LOS, it was legal.


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the very first sequence here... Strange must be blind... if you just look straight forward he must have seen the blitz...

He has pretty bad identification problems. This has been discussed before. The problem with Strange is that he is either hot or cold. Great game or bad game, nothing in between.

Initial line call looks like a combo block, but he should have recognized the LB creep, and peeled off.
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