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Post your predictions here for Week 7, San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots

This contest is open to everyone, it's both a weekly and a season-long contest. Stakes are bragging rights.

Each week I will tabulate and post the scores for the previous week's contest, as well as the cumulative season standings for those who have played every week. As a one-time allowance for computer problems, forgetfulness, or whatever, one week can be missed and will be assigned that week's average score.

Your score is the COMBINED deviation of your predicted score for the Pats and opponents REGARDLESS OF DIRECTION. For example, if you predict Patriots 31 49ers 20 your score is how many points off of 31 the Pats are (over or under does not matter) PLUS how many points off of 20 the 49ers are (over or under again does not matter). Game winner does not matter. Lowest score wins.

You may change your prediction at any time before kickoff, either by editing your original post or by adding a new one. Predictions made in other threads don't count unless they were clearly meant for this contest but were posted elsewhere by mistake. Please keep this thread to predictions only, no back-and-forth discussion of the game. A short comment explaining your pick is OK.

Good luck!

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Oh boy, I am going to be first to go down in a ball of flames. Here goes.

Patriots 24
49rs 20


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If Mostert played I would have predicted a loss. Sounds like SF's 3rd string center is playing and Pats should get to Jimmy. Not confident in the offense coming off a game like the Broncos game.

Pats 17 SF 16
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