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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: April Edition

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Sep 12th

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Official PatsFans Gamer Supporter
I think a lot of us said all along that was the right position for him.
Jones has a Plethora of targets to throw to.
Maybe another Waller scenario in the best case. His rookie year stat line as a WR is also something we would be overjoyed to see one of our players put up, so it's not like he was never any good.

Sciz Supporter Supporter
Wynn, Brown, Mason, and Andrews all missed week 17, and Herron started but exited early with an injury. Any of those could have been offseason surgery candidates. The five presumed starters plus Karras are all basically guaranteed to make the roster, so they could also be staying away from voluntary workouts. Probably just need bodies right now.