Worst/Best assumed FA Trades Signings this year so far...

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    Worst FA signings to me is the current one where the Texans gave up two top draft picks and another spanning over the next 2 years to sign Matt Schaub who admittingly I thought looked good when he did play but you don't give up high draft picks on a guy who has spent more time on the bench behind Vick then the time he actually was the starting QB,and that was only because Vick was injured.

    Runner-Up is Cleveland who let Droughns go who I though was a solid RB and signed aging Jamal Lewis a guy who has had numerous injuries and a bout with the law in his career,If they get Adrian Petersen I expect Lewis to be like a Corey Dillon 3rd down and short type back while petersen runs with the ball most of the time but if Petersen is gone by the 3rd pick I think they are in trouble and may regret letting Reuben go.

    Best FA pickups going by past performances has to be New England Signing Adalius Thomas at least by looking at his career in Baltimore,We will see how he actually fits in this system but so far looks to be the best pickup and what we paid for his services is a steal compared to what he could have received from San Francisco.

    Runner-up is Thomas Jones Signed by the New York Jets by just swapping picks in the 2nd round with Chicago is an absolute steal and a bonehead move by the Bears,one of many stupid moves by Chicago in this offseason,Jones in a few years may end up being a better fit with the Jets than Curtis Martin was in NY and that is hard to beat but Jones is a stud and capable of making Jets fans forget Martin's accomplishments,Having Washington a promising rookie last season as a backup makes the Jets running game possibly one of the best in the league this year.

    Whether the Best FA signings mean a SB Championship or the Worst FA signings meaning dread and doom remains to be seen....After all there are 50 other players and the coaches on the team that need to work together to make or break a season.

    Whats your best and worst FA signings this year so far?
  2. Canada's #1 Pats Fan

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    Best - A. Thomas, D. Stallworth, W. Welker (Of course I am biased towards the Pats)

    Worst - all of the OL signings by the Bills
  3. stinkypete

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    I like the Shaub deal as a personnell move, I think he will be a fine QB, but the price was too high in picks (remember, a move down from #10 to #8 is 3rd round value) and too high in cash (6 years, $48 million to a guy who has what, 2 starts under his belt?).

    Thomas was the best signing for obvious reasons. Thomas Jones likewise is a huge pickup. I think the Bucs have done well bringing in Cato June for dirt cheap, and the Giants got a steal picking up Droughns for Tim Carter.
  4. Isaac

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    Worst has got to be Dockery for the Bills. He was the 5th best OL on the Redskins. A decent straight ahead run blocker but struggles in space and a marginal pass protector = 7 years/$49 million?!?
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    To other FA bombs IMO are Leonard Davis to Dallas for retarted high $$$ when he is not considered an overpowering Lineman and Dennis Northcutt who is not much more than an average receiver in this league.
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    all the teams who shelled out big bucks for o lineman need to look at the pats model, there are plenty off good lineman at a qaurter of the price there isnt that much seperation in talent for o lineman
  7. patsox23

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    jets getting Thomas Jones for very little

    Pats landing Adalius Thomas for slightly below market

    Broncos trade for Dre Bly and signing Daniel Graham (albeit a bit expensively)

    Bucs getting Cato June for WAY below market

    Patriots landing Donte Stallworth for, essentially, a one-year "prove it" deal


    Bills signing Dockery

    Cato June screwing himself

    Pats overpaying - draft pick-wise and a bit $$$-wise - for Welker. Like the player, don't like the deal.
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  8. DB15

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    Willis McGhee to the ravens was a great pick up for them
  9. Crowpointer

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    :eek: You just can't let this one go can you ? Hey I respect your opinion of arguing against Belichick and Pioli's expertise. :rolleyes:
  10. jbb9s

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    People don't realize that to sign a top pick QB nowaday costs about $50M+(see Alex Smith, Vince Young, Eli Manning) and they have 2 less start than Schaub under their belts. Schaub has already shown an aptitude to run NFL offense and has probably been hit 10 times in the last couple of years.....basically, his wisdom and familiarity with the Pros is not offset by his age - and obviously the Texans can't rebuild again with a 21 yr old QB. Good move.
  11. patsox23

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    This is a thread about what we consider good and bad moves. I'm commenting on it. I didn't start the damn thread, I'm just weighing in.

    Meanwhile, posters like you continue to misinterpret and mispresent my position. I don't like the deal, no, but the thrust of my argument was that some of you seem to think Welker IS something he has not yet shown himself to ACTUALLY be. WILL he be as good as you guys contend that he already is? I sure hope so. Seems like BB/Pioli think so. Hope they're right.

    But please try harder to comprehend the not-at-all-confusing nuance of my argument.
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  12. patriotsdynasty12189

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    The reason Alex Smith and Vince Young and Eli have big money is because they were all top 3 picks.
  13. ChoWZa

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    I agree here but I'm going on the assumption they have evaluated Welker enough to make a legitimate determination of his value. The deal is not a great deal from a fan's point of view IMO. Just hope they got it right.
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