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    "On April 8, 2008, Bill Buckner threw out the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox home opener against the Detroit Tigers. He received a 4 minute standing ovation from the sell-out crowd. After the game when asked if he had any second thoughts about appearing at the game he said, "I really had to forgive, not the fans of Boston, per se, but I would have to say in my heart I had to forgive the media for what they put me and my family through. So, you know, I've done that and I'm over that."

    I realize this is old news, but my post count was too low to start a thread when it happened. I like that he did this, and was well recieved. It is rediculous what this guy had to endure after everything he contributed to the team. That series was lost by the team, not Bill Buckner.

    More wiki for ya "
    He hit 8 home runs that September, with 22 RBIs and a .340 average, missing only three games. He drove in over 100 runs for the season. In game 5 of the Championship Series when the Red Sox faced elimination, he singled to start their ninth inning rally capped off by Dave Henderson's famous home run."
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    Billy Buck was a great player. I always felt terrible for him that his Red Sox career ended this way. Redemption was long overdue, but I'm glad it happened. It was a great moment at Fenway. Thanks for posting this.

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